Geospatial AI

Satellite data sources processes using cutting edge image algorithms

Nature based solutions

Quantifying the disaster risk reduction, and ecosystem benefits using ecology models

Cloud based tool

Dashboards loaded with insights for easy decision access and collaboration

Decision access made easy to protect assets against climate extremes

For infrastructure developers, operators, and financiers.

This approach is nature inclusive with the ecosystem based disaster risk reduction yielding other benefits of water security, food security, and carbon sequestration. It also strengthen climate and biodiversity action plans, meeting regulatory requirements, and building image for future customer demands.

Climate proofing using nature in a few steps

Our cloud based application helps visualize the assets on a spatial scale, with temporal trends on climate, and biodiversity variables. These data insights can be used to design the suitable adaptation solutions, and monitor the impact with updated data.

1. Search Assets

2. Identify Risk

3. Design Adaptation Solutions

4. Monitor and evaluate impact


Data powers our decisions, and having the right data on climate, and biodiversity at all stages of the work process adds value.

What is the biodiversity in the city?

Biodiversity is the one of the most undervalued factors in our built-environment, and surroundings. Ecosystems with high biodiversity ie number of plants and animals in the area are more resilient, offer better protection to climate risks, and healthy living environments. The challenging mega trend of urbanisation is deeply connected to biodiversity. Cities impact and depend…

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Ready for Cittamap

We help our clients answer these questions on people, planet, and profit themes on the transition to a sustainable world.

  • Climate risks to assets
  • Ecosystem service valuation for disaster risk reduction
  • Resilient infrastructure design and retrofitting interventions
  • Contingency plans and warning systems


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