Transition towards a data driven organisation.

All projects undertaken are taken through design thinking, lean development and agile methods of software development. The goal is to build technology products that are user friendly and add value.

Digital solutions

User tools in the form of convenient and fast web applications are built with the latest digital enterprise cloud solutions, security standards, front/back end development and thorough quality control and testing.

Data Analytics and Visualization

Combining open data, satellite data, and organisational data, we conduct exploratory analysis followed by problem specific analytics to generate new insight. The information is made accessible via user centric and value adding visualizations.

Custom projects and insight reports

Projects are initiated with user research, concept design, prototyping, and roadmap planning. Efficiency, cost, and experience are optimized for turnkey solutions, and custom data analysis reports.


We focus on the following sectors leveraging the availability of data sources, and domain knowledge.

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