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Who is Cittamap for

Real estate and infrastructure companies play a crucial role in the transition to climate neutrality.

Real estate developers & Real estate companies

Infrastructure companies

Data driven government policy, and responsible climate proof financial investments support industry in the process.

Public sector

Financial institutions

Responsible and climate proof investments

What can you do with this data?

The following use cases highlight how we use automated data pipelines to bring to you what is important, and make confident decisions.

What is the biodiversity in the city?

Biodiversity is the one of the most undervalued factors in our built-environment, and surroundings. Ecosystems with high biodiversity ie number of plants and animals in the area are more resilient, offer better protection to climate risks, and healthy living environments. The challenging mega trend of urbanisation is deeply connected to biodiversity. Cities impact and depend…

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Cittamap ecosystem

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We help our clients answer these questions on people, planet, and profit themes at a building and neighbourhood level.

  • Project development¬†
  • Sustainable area development
  • Environmental planning
  • Climate risks adaptation and mitigation
  • Urban livability


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