100 billion men who can’t laugh despite Arsenal’s victory… ‘5G scoreless + 18 tournament losses’

Arsenal won but Kai Havertz couldn’t smile.

Arsenal won 3-1 in the 23rd round of the 2023-24 Premier League (PL) against Liverpool at the Emirates Stadium in London, England, at 1:30 a.m. on the 5th (Korea time). Liverpool maintained its top position in the league with 15 wins, six draws and two losses (51 points), while Arsenal ranked second with 15 wins, four draws and four losses (49 points).

Arsenal joined the championship race again. They were pushed out of the race by losing two consecutive games against West Ham United and Fulham in December last year, but this victory will lead them to a two-point deficit against top-ranked Liverpool.

It was a pleasant victory, but Havertz could not smile. Playing as a starter, Havertz failed to display remarkable performance except for scoring a shot early in the first half, which served as a springboard for Bukayo Saka’s first goal. Saka was also lucky in the scene where he scored. Havertz missed a perfect one-on-one chance, but his second ball passed to Saka.

The numbers are also evident. Havertz had a total of 24 ball competitions in the match against Liverpool. He only won four times out of 12 ground ball competitions, and only won two times in 12 air ball competitions. He failed to play the role of a front-line striker who had to connect with his teammates while keeping the ball.

He was not sharp even when he caught the ball. He dribbled three times, but succeeded once. He also missed a chance. Only two perfect chances that Havertz missed were counted.

He has already had no goal in five matches. He has remained silent since he scored his fourth goal in the league against Brighton and Hove Albion in December last year. Havertz failed to contribute, let alone score, even during his team’s landslide 5-0 victory at Crystal Palace last year. 라바카지노도메인

Manchester United legend Gary Neville also made a comment. The U.K.’s Mirror reported on Monday that Neville criticized Mikel Arteta’s trust in Havertz.

According to the media, Neville said, “In fact, how many times have I seen Havertz come into the penalty box late in a cross situation. I’m so disappointed. I have to arrive earlier.” He said he has to take a tempo of fast movement in the box.

Havertz joined Arsenal ahead of this season. He left Chelsea and built his nest in Arsenal with a fee of 75 million euros (108 billion won). Fans had high expectations because he led the team to the UEFA Champions League title at Chelsea.

Havertz’s slump is deepening, however. He only scored four goals and one assist in 22 matches in the league, and only scored one goal in six group matches in the UEFA Champions League. He has never contributed to Arsenal’s advance to the round of 16 best teams.

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