‘1R Cho Dae-hyun will be managed domestically’ KIA Okinawa finishing camp begins on the 1st of next month

KIA Tigers takes the first step toward preparing for the 2024 season with rookies in Okinawa, Japan.

KIA announced on the 26th, “We will begin final training at Kin Stadium in Okinawa from November 1st to 28th.”

In this final training, which is conducted as ‘4 days of training, 1 day of rest’, 28 players, including 5 new players in 2024, will participate and undergo physical and technical training.

While coach Kim Jong-guk is directly leading the team, new coaches Jeong Jae-hoon and Lee Dong-geol join the team. Coach Jae-hoon Jeong began his career as a coach in 2018 and served as the pitching coach for the Doosan Bears until this season. Coach Lee Dong-geol began his leadership career at the Hanwha Eagles in 2021 and served as a pitching coach and pitching performance coach.

2024 rookies will also participate. Five players, including Dong-Hoon Kang, Min-Jae Kim, Ji-Woong Choi, Sang-Jun Lee, and Du-Hyun Kim, will make their debut in front of the first team coaches. Cho Dae-hyeon (Gangneung High School), who was selected in the first round, heads to the remaining group. Cho Dae-hyun, who has been active in both pitching and batting this year, believes he needs a rest. Last year, KIA gave rookie Yoon Young-cheol, who threw a lot of balls in high school, a break by not including him in the finishing camp.

안전놀이터As a batter, Dae-Hyun Cho had a high school career batting average of 0.288 (21 hits in 73 at-bats), 12 RBIs, an on-base percentage of 0.369, a slugging percentage of 0.397, and an OPS of 0.766, with no home runs or stolen bases. As a pitcher, he recorded 28 games, 8 wins, 1 loss, an ERA of 2.28, 36 walks, and 96 strikeouts in 79 innings. In particular, in the 2nd Shinsegae E-Mart Cup National High School Baseball Tournament held last April, as a batter, he had a batting average of 0.481 (13 hits in 27 at-bats) and 9 RBIs in 7 games, and as a pitcher, he had 6 games, 2 wins, no losses, an ERA of 0.00, and 9 walks and 6 walks in 20⅔ innings. 3Ball that fits the body) He led Gangneung High School to second place with 30 strikeouts.

A KIA official said in a phone call with Star News on the 26th, “We decided that Cho Dae-hyun needs to manage his physical strength as he has played many games this year. He will be left in the remaining military in Korea, not in Okinawa, and will be managed by giving him rest.”

The players participating in the final training camp will move to Okinawa on flight OZ172 on the 31st of this month. In addition, players participating in the Asian Professional Baseball Championship (APBC) will train in Gwangju starting on the 26th and then join the national team on the convocation date.

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