‘3 hours and 24 minutes’ KBO’s unprecedented rain stoppage, 100-home run catcher anxious about ’77km’ Arirang ball “Regulations need to be improved”

 KT catcher Jang Seong-woo (34) reached the 100th home run milestone in his career. The record was recognized despite a rain interruption of a whopping 3 hours and 24 minutes (204 minutes). However, Seong-Woo Jang talked about the need to improve regulations rather than the joy of hitting 100 home runs. This is because pitcher Wes Benjamin (30),메이저놀이터 who had to go up to the mound again and throw an Arirang ball at 77 km/h in a game that resumed after being suspended due to rain, was relieved to receive the ball. 

Seong-woo Jang hit a home run in the second inning of the double header against Hanwha in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League held at Hanwha Life Eagles Park in Daejeon on the 17th. 

He pulled a 145km fastball that came high in the middle of Hanwha starter Han Seung-ju’s first pitch and went over the left wall. Distance 110m, 11th home run of the season. It was his 100th home run in his personal career and the 105th in KBO League history. 

However, heavy rain fell during the Hanwha attack in the bottom of the 5th inning, when KT was ahead 3-1, and the game was suspended due to rain. Since the conditions for a cold game due to rain were not met, it could have been a no game due to rain, so Jang Seong-woo’s record was almost lost. 

However, the game resumed after setting a record for the longest game suspension in KBO League history at a whopping 3 hours and 24 minutes (204 minutes). The game, which was stopped at 6:33 p.m., resumed at 9:57 p.m. KT won 3-1 and dominated the double header, doubling the joy of Jang Seong-woo’s 100th home run. 

After the game, Jang Seong-woo said, “I’m going to try to make a lot of bets that will help the team aggressively. I’m most happy that I hit the game-winning hit that helped the team win today. This year, when I hit an RBI that could’ve helped the team win, it turned the tables again in the second half of the game. That’s the part.” “I was most worried about it, but I’m glad it helped me today,” he said, first expressing his thoughts about winning. 

Next, regarding the situation where the game almost ended in a no-game due to rain after hitting the 100th home run, “Rather than worrying that the 100th home run record would be lost, I was anxious because the game was vaguely called off in the bottom of the 5th inning when we could have won. 100 “I thought it was a record that could.

Furthermore, Seong-Woo Jang said, “It was difficult for the players because the game was stopped for 3 hours and 24 minutes and then resumed. In particular, Benjamin, who had rested for a long time, had to finish the situation again and go down according to the rule that the starting pitcher must finish the game with the batter. “I felt that the regulations needed to be supplemented,” he said. 

Benjamin, who allowed one run through the fourth inning, threw seven pitches when leadoff hitter Moon Hyun-bin was at bat in the fifth inning, leading 3-1, and then left the mound due to a rain stoppage. The downtime was so long that my shoulders got cold and it was difficult to pitch normally. However, after the game resumed, he returned to the mound, and after throwing two more balls to Moon Hyun-bin and giving him a walk, he was replaced by Son Dong-hyun. Benjamin threw a 77km curveball followed by a 97km fastball with a lot of effort. 

According to Rule 5, Section 10 of the Baseball Rules, if a pitcher playing in a game crosses the foul line at the beginning of an inning, the pitcher must complete the pitch until the first batter is out or reaches first base before being replaced. Before the rain stoppage, Benjamin crossed the foul line, climbed onto the mound, and was engaged in a 7-pitch battle with Moon Hyun-bin. Due to regulations, he had no choice but to get back on the mound, and to avoid injury, he could only come down after throwing two Arirang balls.

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