“30 points off the pace or direct relegation”…it’s not over for Everton? Man City-Chelsea also hit with disciplinary threats

Everton’s 10-point penalty has Manchester City and Chelsea on edge.

“Everton’s points will be deducted by 10 points with immediate effect for breaching the PL’s profitability and sustainability rules,” the Premier League (PL) secretariat announced via its official channels on Sunday. This leaves Everton with four points, tied with last-place Burnley. While there’s still plenty of time left in the season, losing 10 points is a huge blow. The Toffees are instantly relegation candidates.

Everton’s 10-point loss was due to a violation of the PL’s own financial regulations. Clubs can’t lose more than £150 million over a three-year period. Everton’s losses over the past three years were estimated at £124.5 million. After a five-month hearing, Everton’s losses were recognized and the punishment of a 10-point deduction was reached.

Naturally, Everton fought back. Everton immediately released an official statement saying, “We are shocked and disappointed by the PL Committee’s ruling. We believe it imposed an unjustified sporting sanction and the appeal process has already begun. In the meantime, the club has been transparent and forthcoming with the PL Committee. We do not accept the findings and do not understand the issues raised by the PL Committee. The sanctions were unjust, harsh, not fair and reasonable. We will be watching to see how other PL clubs are treated,” he said in a strongly worded statement.

Everton’s rival Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher, speaking to Sky Sports in the UK, said the punishment was “unfair”.

Man City and Chelsea are now being targeted. City, coincidentally, had just made a huge sale. “City break Manchester United record to become PL’s highest earners,” the Manchester Evening News reported on Friday. The club revealed its revenue for the 2022-23 season, which was £712.8 million ($1.472 trillion). City has achieved historic success under Pep Guardiola. They won the PL, English FA Cup, and UEFA Champions League (UCL), completing a historic treble. 보스토토

The Manchester Evening News noted that “the club’s revenue surpassed the previous record of £648 million ($1,429 million), making it the highest ever.” Along with the huge sales came significant profits. The UK’s The Athletic highlighted profits, which came in at £80.4 million. That’s nearly double last year’s £41.7 million profit. It was the third year in a row that it outperformed its rival in both performance and revenue.

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