‘A power reinforcement committee without supervision?’ Cleansman, who analyzed, ‘will itself is questionable’

I don’t feel like I’m the head who came back from defeat.

South Korea’s national soccer team coach Jurgen Klinsmann, who failed to win the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup, returned to South Korea through Incheon International Airport on the night of the 8th.

The Asian champion’s challenge came to an end in vain. From the group stage to the semifinals, the team continued to have a rough time. Jordan, who was reunited at the final, was stronger, and Korea was rather weak.

The arrow is directed at Klinsmann. It was disappointing even though he had a squad called “the best ever” member. Even the offensive soccer that he advocated based his philosophy went missing. His zero shots on goal against Jordan, which was considered one step below him, represent the reality.

Just as a student who finished an exam summarizes his incorrect answer notes, Korean soccer now needs a thorough revival. He also stressed after being eliminated from the semifinals, “As a leader and coach, if you finish a competition and fail to achieve your desired goal, you should analyze and take responsibility. You need to analyze more and look back at more games. You need to analyze more carefully.”

However, his stance is completely different right after his return to Korea. “I will leave Korea next week. After a short break, I will move to Europe to watch Lee Kang-in, Son Heung-min, Kim Min-jae and other players play,” Klinsmann told reporters.

Considering the upcoming match against Thailand in the Asian regional qualifiers for the 2026 FIFA World Cup Canada-Mexico-U.S. (North and Central America) in March, the revival of the Asian Cup comes first before the European soccer team’s inspection. However, Klinsmann will also go to Europe to check irreplaceable resources.

“After the Lunar New Year holidays, the Korean team will review overall aspects such as the operation of the team through the national team’s power reinforcement committee,” a KFA official said after Klinsmann’s press conference. Michael Mueller, chairman of the team’s power reinforcement committee, will also be seen at the scene. There will also be meetings centered on Hwang Chi-soo, head of the competition’s technology division. 헤라카지노

It is undecided whether Klinsmann will attend or not. An official said, “The coach will have a meeting with the officials. And the power reinforcement committee is in touch with the members. The time, place, timing and method will be decided soon. I don’t know yet whether the coach will attend the power reinforcement committee.” The power reinforcement committee may proceed without the coach who ruined the competition.

Coach Klinsmann’s move, which is full of questions about his willingness to return and analyze, continues.

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