Cittamap is a data company with a vision to make sustainable cities a reality by helping governments, industry, and organisations make confident data-driven decisions.
We collect and curate multiple data sets from open data, satellite data, and social media data. This data is mapped and analysed from a spatial perspective to gain previously hidden insight.
Our experience
Software development
Data Science
Project management
Why choose us

We combine design thinking, lean methodology and agile principles.

  • Fundamental and result oriented approach to problem solving.
  • Interaction with clients and team members from different cultural backgrounds.
  • Interdisciplinary subjects for data analysis
  • Customer and Partner added value is a strong motivator.
  • Company structure encompassing customers, users, society, environment, and sustainability.
Our motivation

We like to work on interesting challenges with societal and environmental impact. Designing solutions, and building end to end digital solutions, with the aim of improving the user experience. The sustainable development goals with respect to environment, sustainable communities upholding basic human rights is achievable.

Technology should work in the background to make life easier, and not be a burden to use in itself. Technology has always been a means to make life easier, and solve problems for people. Usability and the value the user gets out of any tool is a very important factor for the work done at Cittamap.

Data Story and Cittamap

Cittamap was born from the realization that we are creating a lot of data in the world. The tools used to analyse the data and extract value cannot remain the same with the growing knowledge gap.

We are all data driven.

We use data to make decisions everyday, but how to deal with vast volumes of data or information.

Information age 2.0

The information age started 20 years ago, when any information online was accessible easily. Now, we have so much data, that it would be wise to let some automated machines process information and bring forth relevant information. Representing them on map interfaces and dashboards goes beyond the tabular formats in use today.


90% of the worlds data was created in the last two years.
  • 5000 BC - 2015
  • 2016-2018
Imagine the quality of decision making if we can analyse this data for our better good!
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