Afif, Asian Cup ‘Shiningest Star’…MVP and Top Scorers at the same time

Qatar Salah Akram Afif won the MVP award and the top scorer at the same time. Afif became the brightest star in the competition. Afif gave credit by saying, “I am grateful to my fans and colleagues.”

Afif started the 2023 Qatar Asian Cup final against Jordan at the Lusail Stadium in Aldayen, Qatar, on the 11th (Korea time) and completed a penalty kick hat trick and performed the brightest in the front.

On the day, Afif led the attack as a two-top team with Al-Muiz Ali (Al-Duhail), his “soul mates.” While Qatar took the lead from the beginning, Afif created a threatening opportunity through rapid speed and reckless breakthrough from the side.

Afif eventually scored the first goal. In the 20th minute of the first half, Afif was pushed to the inside of the penalty box from the left side and fell by Abdalla Nassib (Al-Hussein), who was following him when he dug in. Afif was the PK kicker himself and made it lightly.

Afif’s momentum continued. In the 1st minute of the first half, he seriously complained of pain when he misstepped his left foot during the ball competition, but he was likely to be replaced when he was finally carried on a stretcher, but he soon signaled that he was okay and continued to run on the ground before becoming a “solver” again.

As Qatar allowed Yazan Al-Naimat (Al-Ahli) to tie the game, Afif scored a come-from-behind goal. In the 28th minute of the second half, when Ismael Mohammad (Al-Duhail) was entering the penalty box, he tripped over Mahmoud Al-Mardi (Al-Hussein) and succeeded by Afif as a kicker.

Afif then penetrated into the penalty box in the fifth minute of the second half and tripped over goalkeeper Yazid Aboulaila (Alzabaline) in a one-on-one chance to earn PK. Afif then stepped up as the kicker again and calmly scored. Afif also scored a hat trick to secure the lone top scorer (eight goals).

Afif earned the MVP award in recognition of his outstanding achievements that led Qatar to the top scorer. With his two wins, he has become the brightest player in the tournament. He received a lot of congratulations from his teammates by smiling brightly. 헤라카지노

“Thank you very much to the people of Qatar, to the fans. I also thank my teammates for giving me confidence to succeed PK in today’s game,” Afif said after the match. “Thanks to them, we were able to kick PK three times today. I think tonight we deserved the win.”

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