After missing out on Nola-Gray, Atlanta to pursue Seas trade with White Sox?

Atlanta wants Sease.

The Atlanta Braves have held talks with the Chicago White Sox about trading Dylan Seager, according to, the official website of Major League Baseball, on Nov. 28.

The White Sox have been rebuilding this winter. Several of the team’s mainstays are already being talked about as trade candidates. Ace Dylan Seager is one of them. A number of teams are already interested in acquiring him.

And Atlanta is interested in acquiring a starting pitcher. According to, Atlanta was looking at some of the biggest names in free agency, including Aaron Nola and Sonny Gray. However, Nola stayed with the Philadelphia Phillies and Gray headed to the St. Louis Cardinals.

The supply and demand is right. The question is price. Sears is an ace who, despite a disappointing 2023 season, went 27-15 with a 3.01 ERA in 64 games and 349.2 innings over two years in 2021-2022. He’s struggled a bit this season, going 7-9 with a 4.58 ERA in 33 games and 177 innings, but that doesn’t mean his value has plummeted, as he finished second in American League Cy Young Award voting last year.

Atlanta used to be a prospect-heavy team, but not anymore. Over the past two to three years, they’ve been consistently trading away prospects. Matt Olson, Sean Murphy, and others were successful trades, but now they’re running out of cards. They already traded Aaron Bummer to the White Sox this winter, shedding a number of talented players. 보스토토

With the Los Angeles Dodgers also reportedly interested in Seager, it will be interesting to see if Atlanta can make another trade to significantly bolster its lineup.

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