Bayern Munich sets up table to negotiate renewal of contract…”Complete nonsense” Rumors Denied

Bayern Munich has begun to move to catch Jojua Kimmich (28, Germany). The possibility of leaving has been raised since last year as rumors of a transfer have not stopped, and the possibility of leaving with the argument that the future is “uncertain” has been opened recently due to the lack of discussions on renewing the contract, but Bayern Munich has officially announced that it plans to start negotiations with Kimmich for a new contract soon.

“I can’t help but laugh. It’s nonsense,” said Christophe Freund, the head of Bayern Munich on the 15th (Korea time). “He is one of our key players, and he is a really important player that is indispensable.” He completely denied rumors of a transfer related to Kimmich.

Recently, the possibility of Kimmich leaving Bayern Munich has been raised as a series of rumors of a transfer have emerged that the future is “opaque.” In fact, Kimmich, who renewed his contract with Bayern Munich in August 2021, will expire in June 2025. The remaining contract period is about two years. In particular, at the end of this season, the last year of the contract will be entered. However, there is no discussion on renewing the contract yet.

When Kimmich was in this situation, Manchester City, Barcelona, and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) started recruiting while keeping an eye on the situation. In particular, during the upcoming summer transfer market, Kimmich actively sent a “love call” with plans to aim for a significant reduction in transfer fees if the contract period is one year away.

Kimmich also did not completely close the possibility of a transfer. Without an agent, he made a move to consider a transfer, looking for a new agent to take charge of contracts and negotiations. Following Kimmich’s local report that he still did not discuss the new contract with Bayern Munich, he left open the possibility of separation, saying that he did not rule out a transfer under certain conditions.

Bayern Munich, of course, may hold on to Kimmich until the contract expires, but later, they began to move to renew the contract as it could happen that they kept holding on to the player who had left their heart and left without receiving a single transfer fee.

In fact, he has already drawn a line that he will not sell Kimihi this winter, and said he will start negotiations soon to discuss a new contract in earnest. “We will set up a negotiation table with Kimihi soon to discuss the future,” Freund said, stressing that he plans to continue his companionship, saying, “I am well aware of Kimihi’s situation.” 헤라카지노

Kimihi made his professional debut in Leipzig in 2013 and wore a Bayern Munich uniform through Stuttgart. He was mainly used as a rotation resource at the beginning of his joining the club, but over time, he took off as a key player by drawing a steep growth curve and soon established himself as a key player.

Kimmich, who has already played 368 games (41 goals, 100 assists) for Bayern Munich, has made history by lifting numerous trophies so far, including eight German Bundesliga, three German Football Federation (DFB) Pokal Cups, six German Football League (DFL) Super Cups, one UEFA Champions League (UCL) and one FIFA Club World Cup.

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