Before the first FA, I asked the strongest submarine, “If you could only choose between 15 wins and a win?”

“15 wins, team wins… If you can choose, it’s definitely team wins.”

The 2024 season is very important for KT Wiz and its national team’s ace pitcher Ko Young-pyo. KT must address its disappointment over its failed victory in the Korean Series last year. As foreign player contracts have gone well and their power has not been leaked, KT has been considered a candidate for the LG Twins and the LG Twins for the next season.

If he finishes this season well, he will become a free agent for the first time in his career. He is 33 years old this year as a college graduate. He will be 34 next year, so he may be a little older than the FA, but he has a good chance to become the biggest fish in the market. He is not the type to deal with batters with power anyway as an underhand pitcher. He is not even familiar with his changeups. He exerts power through controlling his speed. He can fully enjoy his prime time for the next four to five years. The more seasons he plays, the better his performance is. He has been the most stable pitcher among the native starters in the league for the last three seasons.

Although it is already recognized, the FA can be advantageous in the contract only when it performs well in the season just before acquisition. That’s why Ko Young-pyo’s season is personally important.

In the New Year’s Day in 2024, I wanted to hear from him about his determination and preparation for the season. “I had regrets about losing the Korean Series, but I tried to forget about it quickly,” Ko said. “I am focusing on weight training and recovery training for the preparation of the season. I am building my body by finding everything that can be helpful for baseball.”

Reflecting on the past three seasons when he won 11-13-12, Ko said, “I have improved my pitching capability. And I think I have gained the ability to control my physical condition and mood swings. I have improved my pitching skills as I have dealt with batters a lot.” “I have various supplementary points including restraints, but I don’t get too greedy. It is important to know what I am good at. I have to understand pitchers well and play the game. My greed to have what I don’t have is dangerous,” he said seriously.

“I can’t help but be concerned. I’ll have a chance to sign a big contract,” Ko said. “But it’s not something I can control. Skills and luck are important. I think every season is important for a professional player, rather than paying attention to the FA. My theory is that when you wear a uniform, you always have to do the same.” 랭크카지노주소

If Ko’s performance, skills and recognition are as good as those of his, it is worth pursuing a multi-year contract with KT. He is the de facto founding member. Rumors have it that the two sides had such discussions. Ko Young-pyo can also concentrate on baseball comfortably without having to worry about FA. “I thought about whether signing a multi-year contract early would make me feel at ease. But I didn’t want to do it too much. If a multi-year contract is signed, players also have to prove many things. Whether it is a multi-year contract or an FA, fans who come to the stadium to see me and the team will not change their mindset that they do their best,” Ko said.

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