Bring in the CEO of Manchester City and “huge achievement” → Pep said, “Congratulations” to Manchester United

Pep Guardiola has opened up about Manchester United’s appointment of Omar Verada.

Manchester United has recently made a significant change in its internal position. On the 21st (Korea Standard Time), they announced on their website, “We announce the appointment of Verada as our new CEO. We are very happy to announce this. The club is determined to put soccer and achievements on the field at the center of everything. Appointment of Verada is the first step in this journey.”

It is clear why this recruitment is attracting attention. It is because Verada came from Manchester City, Manchester United’s “rival.” Verada is the chief operating officer of the soccer team of City Football Group, which has soccer teams around the world, including Manchester City. He joined Manchester City in 2011 and worked for the benefit of the entire group, and was appointed as the chief operating officer in 2016.

As he works in an invisible place, it may be a somewhat unfamiliar name to soccer fans. However, Verada played a big role in Manchester City’s current reputation and achievements. Guardiola also felt sorry for his breakup with Verada.

Berra has expressed his ambition to rebuild his reputation. The British media outlet The Athletic also gave a positive assessment to the recruitment. The media said, “It is a huge achievement. Ten years after Sir Alex Ferguson stepped down, Manchester United did not produce any notable results. During this period, Manchester United’s reputation was damaged. However, hiring a competent CEO at a rival club means that things will change.” 월카지노주소

In a way, it turned out that they were losing power to their rivals. Guardiola had to be asked this question. When asked if Verada was going to divulge Manchester City’s secrets at Manchester United, Guardiola said, “Yeah, well. But we have Kevin De Bruyne. Still, Elling Holland is playing for Manchester City.”

He added, “I don’t think it’s going to be easy. But if United think everything can change by being with him, congratulations!”

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