Chairman Chung Mong-gyu of KFA “Promoting various policies to realize the three values of representation-responsibility-cultivation”

The Korea Football Association (KFA) has announced a new value system that includes missions, values, and goals to suggest future directions for the 2024 new year of Gapjin. The new mission is “Happy Korea with Soccer.” The value system consists of three major values under the top-level concept of “mission,” and three key goals below it. The three key values to achieve the mission are “representative,” “responsibility,” and “cultivation.”

KFA Chairman Chung Mong-gyu emphasized in his New Year’s speech that “various policies will be implemented in different sectors.” “The value of ‘representative’ is to raise the status of Korean soccer and promote self-esteem by strengthening the competitiveness of the national teams at various levels.” “Responsibility’ refers to the realization of responsible soccer administration through consistent policies and systems, and ‘cultivation’ refers to strengthening the self-sustaining power of Korean soccer by steadily cultivating talented people throughout the soccer community,” he said. “To achieve these tasks, we will pursue various policies from this year onwards. We will publish and distribute guidelines that establish Korean soccer’s unique technological philosophy. We will reorganize the ‘Golden Age’ system and prepare a new program for the operation of the national team by age,” he added.

The organization also included efforts to achieve the completion of the division system. “Carefully preparing for the promotion system between the professional second division (K League 2) and the semi-professional third division (K3 League) is an important issue for the completion of the adult division,” Chairman Chung said. “In particular, revitalization of the third and fourth division leagues and strengthening the physical constitution of teams are emerging as key points,” he said. “The KFA will finalize the roadmap within this year after discussions with the professional soccer federation and clubs.”

◇ Chairman Chung Mong-gyu’s New Year’s Address

Nice to meet you, soccer family.

The new year of 2024 has dawned full of hope. I hope you always stay healthy and achieve all you want.

All soccer players, including players, leaders, and referees who played hard on the ground and front lines during the past year, have worked hard. Thank you to all the soccer fans who filled the stadium with love for soccer and gave us enthusiastic support.

Last year, our soccer team advanced to the semifinals at the U-20 World Cup, and the Korean men’s team won the gold medal for the third consecutive time at the Asian Games, bringing great joy to the people. It was also a significant achievement that the K-League surpassed 3 million spectators for this season. 마카오카지노

In addition, Kim Min-jae and Lee Kang-in joined Europe’s most prestigious team, raising the pride of Korean soccer.

This year, the Korea Football Association will strive for the development of soccer with greater determination. Big events are waiting for our challenge from the beginning of the new year.

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