“Club+Drinking Controversy” Will Manchester United’s ace make a shock move to “Pan-Percy-class”?… “Arnsall has been interested in recruiting for a long time.”

Manchester United ace Marcus Rashford has emerged in a shaky position.

England’s Football Insider reported Arsenal’s interest in Rashford on the 1st (Korea time), saying, “Ansane’s move against Rashford after a big controversy.”

Rashford has recently been heavily criticized for his attitude in training at Manchester United and his alleged drinking controversy on the eve of the game. It was revealed through the media that Rashford visited the club for drinks ahead of the FA Cup fourth round match against Newport County, and later missed the training session. Later, there was also news that his teammates turned their backs on Rashford.

Coach Erik tenhach calmed the situation, saying, “It’s an internal problem,” but criticism against him continues, so much attention is expected to be paid to Rashford’s position at Manchester United for the time being.

Despite this complicated situation, Rashford’s position at Manchester United faltered, and a team seeking to recruit him appeared. It is Arsenal.

Football Insider reported that Arsenal are closely monitoring the situation at Rashford and Manchester United ahead of the summer transfer window. Arsenal were already interested in signing two years ago. Rashford seems to have sparked interest again as doubts were raised about his future at Manchester United.

Arsenal has already sought to recruit Rashford in the past. Ahead of the 2022-2023 season, they expressed interest in recruiting Rashford, who was sluggish at the time. However, the transfer was not made as manager Ten Hag blocked Rashford from selling. Arsenal seem to have paid attention to the opportunity to recruit Rashford once again.

Arsenal and Manchester United have been involved in the transfer of the ace several times in the past. In 2012, Robin van Persie, who was growing up as a striker representing Arsenal, suddenly moved to Manchester United, showing his desire to win. At that time, many Arsenal fans expressed their betrayal of Van Persie, who moved to Manchester United, a rival. Later, in 2018, Alexis Sanchez, an Arsenal ace, wore a Manchester United uniform.

Arsenal is highly likely to take on the challenge. Arsenal are experiencing difficulties due to the lackluster scoring of their strikers this season. Arsenal had 88 goals in 38 league games last season, but only 44 goals in 22 league games this season. Despite the lackluster performance of just four league goals this season, Rashford is a resource that will surely contribute to his team given his decision-making ability to score 17 league goals last season. 라바카지노주소

However, even if Manchester United decides to sell, a considerable transfer fee is expected. Football Insider predicted, “Manchester United will demand a much higher transfer fee than the £45 million Arsenal wanted to pay in 2022.”

Attention is also focusing on whether a transfer that will surprise Manchester United and Arsenal fans will occur in the coming summer.

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