Coach Hwang Seon-hong: “The timing of Lee Kang-in’s use in games needs to be adjusted.”

Coach Hwang Seon-hong of the men’s national soccer team participating in the Hangzhou Asian Games announced that he would control the participation of Lee Kang-in, who plays for Paris Saint-Germain.

Coach Hwang met with reporters while leaving for Hangzhou, China, the venue of the Asian Games, through Incheon International Airport on the 16th and said, “When Lee Kang-in arrives there, it will be the evening of the 21st, and we will carefully review his condition and decide when to deploy him.” He said.

Lee Kang-in, who is considered the national team’s ace, has been uncertain about joining the Asian Games due to a left quadriceps injury since late last month. Meanwhile, attention was focused on whether and when Lee Kang-in would join.

As his team also missed the game due to the injury, concerns grew that the joining itself could be canceled as PSG did not clearly state its position on when Lee Kang-in would be released.

After long discussions, the Korea Football Association and PSG joined the Asian Games national team after their team’s home match against Dortmund (Germany) in the UEFA Champions League (UCL) on the 19th local time (4 a.m. on the 20th, Korean time). It was decided on the night of the 14th.

Coach Hwang said, “Lee Kang-in is said to have recovered from his injury and is training normally. “He did not participate in the (league) game this morning due to the risk, so he did not play after a meeting with coach Luis Enrique, and he will likely participate in the game against Dortmund,” he said.

In this tournament, Korea is in Group E and will play against Kuwait, Thailand, and Bahrain in turn.

Lee Kang-in cannot be used until the second game, but he can be used as early as the third game.

Coach Hwang said, “I think we will have to watch the UCL game on the 20th and judge Lee Kang-in’s physical condition. “The timing of input needs to be adjusted,”바카라사이트 he said.

He continued, “We need to calculate at what point Lee Kang-in’s condition will be at its peak after joining and then put him in. “Rather than writing quickly, we will consider that aspect and make a decision,” he added.

Regarding Lee Kang-in’s position, “Communication with yourself must be a priority. “Since I haven’t been able to participate in the game for a long time, I think we need to consider various factors, including stamina to play 90 minutes, and decide on the position,” he said.

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