Continental fans embarrassed by Chinese media: “10,000 Wuhan supporters called Pohang ‘stupid'”

Chinese media did not spare the Wuhan supporters.

Pohang drew 1-1 away to Wuhan Sanjin (China) in the sixth match of Group J of the 2023-24 ACL at the Wuhan Sports Center Stadium in Wuhan, China on Saturday (June 6). Pohang, the group leader, improved to 5-1-1 (16 points). Wuhan finished fourth in the group with 1 win, 2 draws, and 3 losses (5 points).

There was an ugly incident during the match. Ten minutes into the second half, a Wuhan player was cautioned. A Wuhan supporter in the crowd of about 10,000 shouted, “Stupid!” and cursed the referee in Chinese.

The Wuhan supporter continued to shout abuse at the Pohang players. They started a profanity-laced chorus of “We Will FXXK You,” a cover of Queen’s signature song.

Wuhan fans smoked cigarettes in the stands at halftime and ran up to Pohang players and shouted insults at them. A South Korean reporter on the scene reported the incident back home.

Chinese media did not shy away from the Wuhan supporters’ behavior either. ‘’ reported, “10,000 Wuhan supporters shouted profanity at the Pohang players. The Pohang players were also offended, saying, ‘Honestly, we didn’t understand what they were saying, but it felt like they were cursing us. “The scene of more than 10,000 Chinese fans swearing at once was shocking,” he criticized.

It is also very unusual for Chinese media to point out the faults of their own fans without covering them up. The behavior of the Wuhan fans was beyond common sense. 무지개토토 주소

‘’ said, “We should respect the culture of each country, but the behavior of Wuhan fans is difficult to understand. It’s a good thing the Pohang players didn’t swear in Chinese,” and felt embarrassed.

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