Director Kim Jong-guk received money and valuables from former general manager Jang Jung-seok → Suspension of duty ‘shock’ KIA facing a restless season

Literally, it is a serious negative factor. With manager Kim Jong-kook suspended from his job, Kia Tigers will have another season this year as well as last year.

KIA said in a press release on the 28th, “We suspended manager Kim Jong-guk. The club confirmed on the 25th that head coach Kim Jong-guk was under investigation by the investigating authorities, and finally confirmed this at a meeting with head coach Kim Jong-guk on the 27th.” He added, “The club decided that he could not normally perform his duties as a coach during the investigation, so we suspended him.”

Combining MHN Sports coverage, head coach Kim Jong-kook was investigated by the investigating authorities for allegations of “collection of money and valuables,” and was suspended from his job based on this. Regarding the recent controversial corruption scandal involving the independent team’s professional solicitations, an official at KIA dismissed it as “not related at all” and “what the team has identified is different.”

According to the Gwangju Ilbo on the same day, some money and other goods flowed to director Kim Jong-guk during the search and seizure process regarding former general manager Jang Jung-seok, who was accused of breach of trust, and Kim Jong-guk was investigated by the prosecution.

However, it has not yet been disclosed exactly what path the investigation began.

Before the opening of last year’s season, Jang Jung-seok was eventually dismissed by KIA on the basis of an “act of damaging dignity” for demanding money and money during multi-year contract negotiations with Park Dong-won (LG).

At the time, KIA said, “We found out the facts after receiving a report last week that he demanded money during negotiations with Park Dong-won in 2022,” adding, “However, regardless of the facts, we decided that the wrong behavior of demanding money during negotiations with his players was unacceptable, so we referred General Manager Jang Jung-seok to the disciplinary committee and finally dismissed him.” 월카지노

“We apologize to all members of the league as it will affect the entire KBO League, which is about to open. KIA Tigers immediately identified the facts and held a disciplinary committee to dismiss Jang Jung-seok immediately after judging that the demand for money and goods was not justified for any reason,” he posted an apology.

However, Jang Jung-seok, the general manager, said through the club, “It was a joke, not a request for back money.”

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