Director Kim Ki-dong declared, “Should I revive Lingard and go to the EPL?” International rehabilitation plant manager

“I really didn’t think of Lingard, but now I have to become the head of the international rehabilitation plant.”

Kim Ki-dong, who served as a coach for FC Seoul and met many of his favorite players during his time with the Pohang Steelers, met with another visiting team member. He is Jesse Lingard, 32, who played more than 200 games in the English Premier League and Manchester United alone.

Lingard, who joined Seoul in the midst of a huge spotlight, joined the Kagoshima camp in Japan on the 8th and is preparing to challenge as a K-league. Starting with light warm-ups, he has been reborn as a “Seoul man” by playing in local warm-ups.

Lingard, who came to Seoul after being released from the Nottingham Forest for more than six months, should recover his sense of play in the first place. When Kim successfully led Pohang, he not only found young players but also magically brought back veterans who suffered slumps including Kim Seung-dae and Lim Sang-hyup. The revival of world-renowned star Lingard is also up to Kim.

“Players like Kim Seung-dae were able to help me because they fit me emotionally,” he said. “Lyngaard is really new. Now that he’s done this, I think he should become an international rehabilitation plant manager.” “Shall we try EPL together by making good use of Lyngaard?” he said with a big smile.

Many Seoul fans welcomed Lingard’s offer but expressed concern. Seoul, which had lost its self-esteem after falling to the Final B (lower league) for four consecutive seasons until last year, appointed Kim as its new head coach and pledged to rebuild its reputation. Kim is famous for playing systematic soccer without resorting to specific players since his time at Pohang. The stance is the same in Seoul.

As such, there are concerns that a player with a “big name” like Lingard, especially one with a gap in actual matches, will suddenly join the team, which could negatively affect Kim Ki-dong-ho. “No matter how good the culture of overseas soccer is, harmony is important when bringing it into Korea,” Kim said, adding, “Lingard is determined (to Jae-gi). My role is to make him blend in well with the existing players.” “I jokingly told (captain) Ki that our team has two EPL players (including you). Lingard said, “You have to take responsibility.”

Ki once had a showdown with Lingard while playing in the EPL including Swansea City. To Lingard, Ki is bound to be a pillar of his life in Seoul. He communicates well in English. 여우알바

Kim, who led the team through high-intensity physical training at the first training camp held in Hua Hin, Thailand, last month, is strengthening his tactics through an exhibition match with the local team in Kagoshima. “Suddenly, my soccer will not change. I need to play detailed and fast soccer (as I did in Pohang). Seoul will seek to find areas to improve and lead the team in a similar manner,” Kim said.

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