Doosan follows Kia-Hanwha in pushing for first spring camp in Australia

The spring camp map for 2024 is set to change dramatically. The Doosan Bears, Kia Tigers, and Hanwha Eagles are among the teams that are looking to move their spring training camps to Australia for the first time.

There are a total of six teams that have moved their first spring camp to Arizona this season.바카라사이트 LG Twins, Kiwoom Heroes, KIA, Hanwha, KT WIZ, and NC Dinos. The SSG Landers headed to Florida, USA. The Lotte Giants chose the US territory of Guam. Doosan and Samsung Lions held all of their spring camps in Sydney, Australia and Okinawa, Japan, respectively.

Teams that held spring training in Arizona this year struggled with the region’s unseasonable weather. This was the case for the Korean National Team at the WBC 2023 base camp in Arizona. During the camp, temperatures suddenly plunged below freezing and snow fell.

The Doosan Bears held their spring training camp in Sydney, Australia this season. Photo by Doosan Bears
A team official said, “I’ve been coming to spring training in Arizona for a long time, but I’ve never seen weather like this. We were guaranteed warm weather, but the global weather phenomenon made it a completely different place. It’s going to have a huge impact on our pitchers, especially those who can’t throw the ball well in the warm outdoors.”

The weather also played a role in the WBC pitchers’ inability to perform well in Arizona. As a result, the aftermath of the Arizona camp was clearly a factor in the WBC disaster.

In the end, the upcoming KBO spring training will be a tectonic shift. Longtime Arizona favorites may choose to “leave Arizona.

The KIA Tigers have set up their first spring training camp in Arizona this season. Photo: Kia Tigers
According to MK Sports, KIA and Hanwha, who held their first spring training camps in Arizona this season, will move to Australia for their first spring training camps next year. Doosan, which was very satisfied with the weather conditions of its spring camp this season, is also planning to hold its first spring camp in Australia again.

The three teams are likely to hold their first spring camp in Australia, where there is less of a time difference, before traveling to Japan for the actual games. Kia (Kin Stadium) and Hanwha (Gochinda Stadium) have base camp baseball fields in Okinawa. Doosan could return to the Miyazaki Junior League after missing the last three years due to the coronavirus pandemic.

KT, which has held spring training in Arizona for many years since its founding, will also leave the United States. KT is planning to hold its first spring camp in Gijang, Busan, before traveling to Okinawa for a second spring camp centered on practice games.

If this happens, LG, Kiwoom, and NC will remain in Arizona. The rest of the teams are not expected to change much from this season’s spring camp. SSG and Samsung will continue to hold their spring camps in Vero Beach, Florida and Onna Village, Okinawa, respectively. Lotte will also maintain its orientation, moving from the first camp in Guam to the second camp in Okinawa.

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