Doosan Wants to Resurrect Kim Jae-hwan… Do you see the effect of ‘defensive shift restriction’

“I even thought about where to hit the ball.”

This is what Kim Jae-hwan (36), who has been in a long slump over the past few years, said, expressing his difficulties due to the defensive shift (a strategy to move the deployment of defenders in advance according to the type of batting when a specific batter comes out).

In recent years, the opposing teams have concentrated infielders around the first and second bases to defend whenever left-handed hitter Kim Jae-hwan, who mainly hits pull, enters the batter’s box. It was a defensive shift in preparation for Kim Jae-hwan’s batting direction, which was quite effective.

Using Jamsil as his home ground, Kim was a slugger with destructive power enough to hit 44 home runs in a season, but he only hit 33 home runs over the past two years. To make matters worse, his batting average fell to 0.220 last season as he even lost precision.

It is unreasonable to blame all the reasons for the slump on the defensive shift, but he confessed that he was frustrated by the defensive shift.

Kim Jae-hwan confessed, “I felt like I couldn’t see the space when I was at the batter’s box in my bedroom,” adding, “I felt like I would get caught in front of the fence if the ball went to the outfield, and I had a lot of bad thoughts because I thought I wouldn’t be able to cross the infield if I hit a short ball.”

He confessed, “I also tried to make changes, such as trying to push myself out of the slump, but it felt like my strengths were disappearing.”

Fortunately, he will be able to put down the burden of defensive shifts in the new season. This is because the KBO League restricts defensive shifts from this year.

Kim Jae-hwan, who is spending a busy winter dreaming of revival, said, “I’m looking forward to the changes this year. I’m thinking in a good way. I’m trying to change my bad thoughts.”

The revival of Kim Jae-hwan is an important prerequisite for Doosan, which aims to win the title. This is because only when Kim Jae-hwan, who should be the center of the batting lineup, is revived, the hit that was considered a weakness last season can be revived.

Doosan’s team batting average last season was 0.255, ranking ninth overall, with the team’s RBI at the bottom (565 points), the team’s score at the 8th (620 points), and the team’s hit at the 9th (1,238).

Kwak Bin, Choi Seung-yong, Kim Dong-ju and Choi Won-jun, who were ranked as native aces in the foreign one-two punch followed by Raul Alcantara and Brandon Waddell, were strong enough to rank third overall in the team’s ERA, but they faded due to their weak offense.

“I believe Kim Jae-hwan will do a good job,” said Lee Seung-yeop, who mentioned “enhancing his offense” as a keyword for success in the new season. “If Kim Jae-hwan survives, the team’s batting lineup will be more stable.” 랭크카지노도메인

Doosan’s new captain Yang Seok-hwan also expressed his expectation, saying, “Jae-hwan is a player with a high presence in Doosan and is a player who will do well at any time,” adding, “If I and Yang Eui-ji are in the center, I will be able to perform better.”

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