Organise customer data geographically on a postcode level granuarity and leverage data sources such as demographic segments, mean income level, economic and cultural indicators to construct the user profile and align the marketing strategy.

Know your customer

Plotting customer activity on a postcode level granularity offers better insight into user personas. The data can be enriched using demographic information, median income level, city indexes, and cultural aspects.

Identify new markets

Visualizing customer information creates an opportunity to identify hotspots of customer segments. This can reveal untapped markets, and new customer segments.

Optimize marketing strategy

Marketing strategy is optimized based on location analytics, and the factors of the target audience. Hyper local marketing is the new trend which can be achieved using location intelligence.

Higher returns on advertising

Advertising ROI can be better estimated based on spending, and customer acquisition. Budgets, and margins can be better analysed, and optimized.