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Who is Cittamap for

Real estate and infrastructure companies play a crucial role in the transition to climate neutrality.

Real estate developers & Real estate companies

Infrastructure companies

Data driven government policy, and responsible climate proof financial investments support industry in the process.

Public sector

Financial institutions

Responsible and climate proof investments

What can you do with this data?

The following use cases highlight how we use automated data pipelines to bring to you what is important, and make confident decisions.

Who lives in this neighbourhood?

People make the communities, and considering the demographics, is important for project and area development. Areas with higher concentration of young professionals might require schools, recreation activities, and co-working spaces. Similarly areas with higher population of senior citizens will have a different need. We provide the current population demographics along with future projections for area…

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What are the climate risks for this neighbourhood?

Climate change is already happening, and the risks for urban environments can be better mitigated, and adapted future developments. Currently, the major factors include Urban heat island Heat intensity has already increased with 2019 being the hottest year on record. There were 500 more deaths than average during the July 2019 heatwave in Netherlands. Understanding…

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How much green space is in the neighbourhood?

Green space are one of most undervalued components in living spaces. The benefits of green spaces for health, climate risk resilience, aesthetics and real estate value are clearly evident. The general layout dataset can help us understanding the green space index. At Cittamap, we take it one step further by estimating the green spaces in…

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What is the energy transition potential of this building?

Energy source, and energy efficiency are the primary measures in the transition towards carbon neutral energy sector. In addition to the regulations set by RVO with respect to energy labels, the dutch climate accord (KlimaatAkkord), and gas free neighborhoods are additional policy regulations in place to help with the transition. Understanding of the energy consumption…

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What is the air quality in this neighborhood?

Ambient air quality has received much attention in the recent past due to the severe long term and short term effects on health. In the Netherlands, the Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) issue has raised concerns in the society, government and business. The areas most affected can be examined, and mitigation actions can be taken accordingly. The…

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Are there innovative companies in the area?

Innovation happens differently now in collaborative environments rather than siloed research facilities. Around the world, the notion of separate areas for living, working, and recreation is changing with the emphasis on mixed use real estate. This aligns with the trend of urbanization with cities becoming more dense, well connected, and wired with many online and…

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What is the biodiversity in the area?

Biodiversity is the one of the most undervalued factors in our built-environment, and surroundings. Ecosystems with high biodiversity ie number of plants and animals in the area are more resilient, offer better protection to climate risks, and healthy living environments. Ecosystem services or natural capital is used as a measure to strength of ecosystem during…

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What are the soil factors?

The fundamental component has to be considered with concept development, project planning, and risk assessment. In addition to the construction of the built environment, soil is also fundamental to the ecological system regulating the water cycle, carbon cycle, and biodiversity. In the Netherlands, the concern with soil subsidence, foundation risks, contamination, and soil bearing capacity…

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