“Finally, you’re such a rookie!” I’m praising him for being the second best student in the country, but why? Was Doosan restless

“It’s too much for Taecyeon.”
At the spring camp of the Doosan Bears at the Blacktown International Baseball Park in Sydney, Australia on Thursday, officials at the site were paying keen attention ahead of the third bullpen session. This is because right-handed pitcher Kim Taek-yeon (19), a rookie and second overall player in this season, has to take the mound.

With Yang Eui-ji missing from the bullpen pitching catcher’s team, some said that Doosan’s second catcher Jang Seung-hyun (30) should receive Kim Taek-yeon’s ball. Jang Seung-hyun responded, “I feel burdened.”

Another catcher, Ahn Seung-han (32), served as Kim Taek-yeon’s partner. Kim Taek-yeon, who started pitching at a location where a pitching analysis device was installed, checked the data with the staff and sprayed the ball with caution.

Doosan, which has always been in the lower ranks in the rookie draft by advancing to the Korean Series for the seventh consecutive year, had the worst season in 2022 at No. 9, but thanks to this, it was able to embrace Kim Taek-yeon as the second overall pick. He was called “Doo Taek-yeon (Doosan Kim Taek-yeon)” because Doosan’s nomination was expected since his days at Incheon High School, and he was at the center of controversy over his overwork with five consecutive pitches at international competitions, and Doosan issued a “ballot ban” against Kim Taek-yeon in case of any aftereffects.

Having saved his shoulder amid special management, Kim began to throw balls vigorously in the spring camp. Kim threw 30 pitches each in the first and second bullpen sessions, and threw about 45 pitches on the day. “I was a little lost in the beginning, but I got the hang of it in the end,” Kim told Star News after the pitching. “Coach Cho Woong-cheon also told me that it was okay.”
The reaction on the spot was not just that good. After receiving a pitch from Kim Taek-yeon, Ahn Seung-han constantly shouted, “Nice,” “Good to see,” and “Crazy.” When Kim Taek-yeon’s control recovered sense of stability, Jang Seung-hyun made a baton touch with Ahn.

Likewise, Jang Seung-hyun, who repeatedly gave exclamations on every pitch, said, “Wow, I was surprised” when Kim Taek-yeon’s ball hit the spot. The staff watching this refrained from Jang saying, “Don’t do that.”

After pitching the bullpen, I was able to see why through Jang Seung-hyun. “If I react too loudly, I might get more excited and overdo it,” he said, explaining that it was his first time receiving Kim Taek-yeon’s ball. This shows how much Doosan cares about Kim Taek-yeon.

When asked why he felt burdened, he said, “What if I can’t sit down and throw? I got the feeling that it would be burdensome, so I went in and received the ball,” adding, “He is definitely different from other rookies who have experienced it before. He has good fastballs, breaking balls, and the ball itself doesn’t look like a rookie.” 라바카지노도메인
In an interview with Star News earlier, Hong Kun-hee praised him, saying, “I feel like I’m a little done, unlike the rookies I’ve seen so far.” Jang Seung-hyun also said, “I don’t think I’m going to have a lot of ups and downs. I think I’ll be competitive to play in the first division right away because I’m so good at fastballs and good at breaking balls.”

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