“Hello Giants, Grandson of the wind from Korea” Lee Jung-hoo officially joins San Francisco

Lee Jung-hoo officially joined San Francisco.

Lee Jung-hoo held an official joining ceremony for the San Francisco Giants at Oracle Park in San Francisco, California, on December 16 (Korea Standard Time).

Lee Jung-hoo, who challenged the Major League through posting, officially signed a six-year, 130 million-dollar contract on Saturday. He wore a San Francisco uniform at the joining ceremony.

Lee Jung-hoo, who attended the joining ceremony with his parents, prepared for the self-introduction in English. In a clumsy but powerful tone, Lee Jung-hoo said, “Hello Giants, My name is Jung hoo Lee. ‘Grandson of wind’ from Korea.”

Lee Jung-hoo said, “Thank you to the owner group and also to agents Scott Boras and Boras Corporation. And I also thank my parents for always supporting me to achieve my dream of playing in the Major League. I have loved this place ever since I visited the Bay Area for my childhood games. I came to win. I will always do my best to my teammates and fans.” And he shouted, “Let’s Go Giants!”

Lee Jung-hoo said, “I’ve been a fan of Major League Baseball since I was young. San Francisco has a long history and many legends have been inducted into the Hall of Fame. It is a team that has won a lot of championships recently. A team with a long history chose me. I’m so honored to play here.”

“Adapting to the new environment is my biggest task. I have to adapt to new pitchers, environment and ballpark. In Korea, I moved by bus, but in the U.S., I moved by plane and there is time difference. I will prepare well to adapt to these things quickly,” Lee said.

“It’s my first time at all ballparks in the U.S. I’m looking forward to playing at Major League Baseball stadiums,” Lee said on his first visit to Oracle Park. “I played at Gocheok Dome in Korea. It’s great to play at a natural grass field. Oracle Park is a unique stadium. I’m looking forward to a splash hit.” “Splash hit” refers to an out-of-the-box home run in which a San Francisco batter drops a ball at McCorby Bay over the right fence.

Lee Jung-hoo said, “I’m still young and I don’t think my best days have come yet. I think I can develop further here. I’ll always try to be a player who gives victory to the team and I’m ready to do my best and give everything to win,” adding, “If I show you what kind of player I am from the opening game next year, fans will evaluate me.”

His biggest strength is his ability to make contact. “When I was asked what I do better than others, I always wanted to hit the ball well. Of course, you should not hit the ball well. You have to take a full swing and get it right. Strikeout is to retreat after doing nothing, but you never know what will happen if you put the ball in the ground. I have been training with this in mind since I was young,” Lee said.

On “mentor” Kim Ha-sung (SD), Lee Jung-hoo said, “(Kim) Ha-sung played as a teammate in Korea and is a spiritual support to me. He gave me a lot of good stories from Korea, so I was able to develop my big dream. I’m both amazed and excited. I will ask him a lot.”

Local media were also curious about an episode with his father, Lee Jong-beom. “Son of the Wind was my father’s nickname when he was active in the military. When I was born, I naturally became a grandson of the wind,” Lee said. “In Korea, it was cringe-worthy to call him Son of the Wind, but speaking in English, he was cool.” “My father was really fast. But now I win. I can’t win if I compare myself to the same age group.”

Lee Jung-hoo, who had surgery after getting injured this season, said, “I have recovered 100 percent completely. There are many people who helped me during my rehabilitation period. I need to show good performance for them next year.” As for the poor performance after giving change to batting, Lee said, “You must not be afraid of change in order to do well. It was not a bad time. I have matured through those times. I have more faith in myself.” 월카지노

Lee Jung-hoo said, “You have to hit it first. It’s good to set a goal, but it’s important to adapt first. I’ll put adaptation first. The team wins is the most important thing. I’ll play for the team’s victory.”

Lee Jung-hoo, who chose number 51, said, “I have liked Ichiro Suzuki since I was young. That’s why I liked this number since I was young.”

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