‘I do as I please!’ Autocratic coach Ten Haag says ‘no’ to senior players’ requests

‘I can’t grant requests’

Manchester United manager Eric ten Hagg’s leadership seems to be increasingly at odds with his players. At the beginning of his tenure, Mourinho was a man of conviction and determination, but he has become increasingly self-righteous. Mourinho has also been quick to reject suggestions made by senior players to make things easier for the players. The atmosphere in the team is expected to become even more tense.

The Daily Mail, a British media outlet, reported on Aug. 8 (KST) that “senior United players requested a rest day on behalf of the players who were tired of the heavy training schedule, but Van Gaal rejected the request. It’s not pretty. It’s evidence of a deepening rift between Van Gaal and his players.

The leaders of the United squad are Luke Shaw, Marcus Rashford, Rafael Varane, Casemiro, Lissandro Martinez, and Tom Heaton. They asked Van Gaal for more rest days and more advance notice of training schedules. It was a request echoed by the other players.

Ten Haag, however, flatly refused. Recently, Van Gaal has been very unhappy with his players. He believes that playing for a world-class club like United requires the highest level of dedication and sacrifice, and that the players must be physically ready for the rigors of training. For this reason, he personally distributes the training schedule to the players every week. He also changes the exercises from time to time. After evaluating the training, some players are asked to do more. 무지개토토

The players’ dissatisfaction is growing. Not only do they have fewer rest days, but they also don’t have the opportunity to reschedule their training because the schedule is not given to them in advance. The senior players organized a meeting with Coach Ten Haag, but it was fruitless. Ten Haag still insisted on “the highest level of sacrifice and dedication” and insisted that he could not increase rest days or adjust the training schedule.

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