“I pitched around 80 percent of the time,” he said. But he slammed his maximum speed of 151 kilometers!… Coach Legend was also very satisfied with his first bullpen pitching as a foreign pitcher who won two Triple-A titles

Foreign pitchers have started pitching in the bullpen for the first time. Bae Young-soo, the pitching coach of SSG Landers, also expressed satisfaction.

SSG said on the 7th, “Robert Duggar, who newly joined, and Roenis Elias, who renewed his contract this season, made his first bullpen pitch on the 6th local time.”

Duggar and Elias held their first bullpen session at Jackie Robinson Training Complex in Vero Beach, Florida, the site of SSG’s first spring camp. Manager Lee Sung-yong, assistant coach Song Soo-young, and pitching coach Bae Young-soo checked their conditions by throwing fastballs and various breaking balls.

Elias threw a total of 31 pitches. He used fastballs, sliders, curves, and changeups. Duggar threw 29 pitches, including four-seam fastballs, sliders, curves, sweepers, two-seam fastballs, and changeups. In particular, he posted a maximum speed of 151.1 km/h with an average speed of 148.2 km/h.

Duggar said, “As it was my first bullpen pitching, I threw it at the level of checking my condition, and I was happy to be in control as I thought, and I pitched around 80 percent.”

Duggar played for the Round Rock Express, a minor Triple-A team under the Texas Rangers, last season, going 7-10 with a 143 strikeout ERA of 4.31 with 63 pitches in 146 ⅓ innings in 29 games. The Triple-A Pacific Coast League, where Round Rock belongs, is known for its extreme riding-throwing league, where it ranks first in ERA and strikeouts.

“I was thinking about how to deal with batters in the league, but if I’m going to get a hit, I threw aggressively, thinking that I should get more weak hits than strong ones,” Duggar said. “Personally, I don’t show my emotions in big situations, but I have a strong competitive edge inside. I tend to pitch aggressively on the mound.”

As he newly joined, he tries to adapt quickly. “All the team members welcomed me warmly and I am trying to adapt quickly to the team. I am glad that not only Elias and Guillermo Heredia but all the players are treating me well,” Duggar said. “I am nervous but also excited because I have to adapt to the new league and culture. I am studying Korean through an app, but it was a harder language than I thought. I am working hard and I think I will be able to communicate to some extent by the middle of the season.”

“During the spring camp, I will slowly prepare according to my routine and improve my condition. I will play all the innings I need during the Taiwan camp, and I want to build up a body that can throw 80 to 100 balls in the opening game to show good performance in front of the fans,” he said. “I can’t wait to throw balls in Korea.”

Elias said, “I pitched today to check my overall condition and felt good. I’m happy to play for SSG again and I’m mentally and physically ready. I’ll try to win as much as I can.”

Bae Young-soo, the pitching coach who saw foreign pitchers’ first bullpen pitching, said, “Dougher’s aggressive pitching stood out. He showed good pitching with the pitching style that he should have as a starting pitcher. He pitched various breaking balls this time, and the completeness was very high as he heard. In particular, the curve was powerful, and it is expected to be very effective in an environment where ABS is implemented.”

He continued, “I saw Elias’ bullpen pitching for the first time today, and he was a great player with a very high level of technical completion. I pitched while setting the situations of right and left hitters, and the level was high enough to throw a good ball where I wanted to.” 월카지노

He expressed great satisfaction. Coach Bae Young-soo said, “I am satisfied because both foreign players, who account for the largest portion of the starting rotation, are in good condition. It would be nice if you do as much as you expect, but there can always be variables, so I will keep checking and managing them.”

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