“I’m so sorry” “It wasn’t intentional…” Park Chan-ho out for season after ‘ulnar fracture surgery,’ both men and enemy chiefs sigh

The news that KIA Tigers infielder Park Chan-ho is out for the season with a ulnar fracture has left both KIA head coach Kim Jong-guk and nemesis KT WIZ head coach Lee Kang-cheol saddened.토토사이트

After Choi Hyung-woo and Na Seong-beom, the KIA Tigers are facing another bad news for their main outfielders. KIA infielder Park Chan-ho has been diagnosed with a comminuted ulnar fracture and will undergo surgery.

“Park Chan-ho was finally diagnosed with a comminuted fracture of his left ulna after undergoing X-ray and CT scans at Sejong Sports Orthopedics today (Oct. 5) morning,” the KIA team officially announced on Oct. 5.

KIA infielder Park Chan-ho. Photo: KIA Tigers

KIA head coach Kim Jong-kook. Photo by Kim Young-gu
According to the club, Park is scheduled to undergo pin fixation surgery at the same hospital on June 6, and the total rehabilitation period is expected to take about 12 weeks.

After suffering a finger ligament injury while sliding into first base head first in mid-September, Park suffered another injury nightmare in the second game of a doubleheader against KT on Oct. 4. On that day, Park extended his hitting streak to three games with a single to right-center in his second at-bat of the inning. However, in the top of the fifth inning, Park was hit in the wrist with a sandbag by opposing starter Lee Sun-woo.

After complaining of constant pain, Park was eventually replaced by pinch-hitter Oh Sun-woo and left the game. The results of his medical examination were shocking. He was diagnosed with a comminuted ulnar fracture. With only 10 games remaining, the injury would effectively put him out of the regular season.

With the team still in contention for a top-five finish, KIA was devastated to lose Na Sung-bum, Choi Hyung-woo, and Park Chan-ho to injury. The table-setting combination of Park Chan-ho and Kim Do-young was the team’s key scoring route without their center hitters, which will have a huge impact on the team for the remainder of the schedule.

Coach Lee Kang-cheol, who watched Park Chan-ho’s injury in the dunes, told reporters before the game on May 5, “I’m so sorry. After (Choi) Hyung-woo’s injury last time, I unintentionally caused another injury. I went to coach Kim Jong-kook after the game yesterday, and I didn’t know what to say. It’s just something that happens when you play baseball. I’m really sorry for the fracture,” he said.

“There’s no reason for us to do that, and it’s not his character to get hit like that. We should have been more careful, but it seems like we were unlucky. Besides, KIA still has 10 more games to play, and I’m really sorry that he got injured when he met our team.” He repeatedly expressed his regret.

KIA head coach Kim Jong-guk added, “Chan-ho (Park) usually plays with a lot of patience, but when I saw him complaining of pain yesterday, I thought he must have been seriously injured. When the ball bounces forward, there is a high chance of a fracture. The moment I saw that, I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but we have to win the remaining games with the remaining players and challenge for the top five. I told (Yang) Hyun Jong-i and (Kim) Sun-bin to do their best until the end,” he said.

Kim continued, “I didn’t intentionally hurt Park Byung-ho or Lee Seon-woo, and I’m sure coach Lee Kang-cheol feels more guilty. I would feel the same way if I were in the opposite position.”

Meanwhile, KIA will face KT starter Joy Hyun in Game 5 with a starting batting order of Kim Do-young (third base), Ko Jong-wook (designated hitter), Kim Sun-bin (second base), Socrates (center field), Lee Woo-sung (right field), Lee Chang-jin (left field), Kim Tae-gun (catcher), Oh Sun-woo (first base), and Kim Kyu-sung (shortstop). KIA’s starting pitcher is Yang Hyun-jong.

Kim said, “Park Chan-ho’s spot will be filled by Kim Kyu-sung for the time being. (Oh) Sun-woo will play first base today. I hope he can take advantage of this opportunity because his defense is stable and he has batting qualities. Yang Hyun-jong is coming back after four days of rest, and we also considered that Hwang Dong-ha, who starts tomorrow (6th), pitched well against LG recently.”

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