“I’m sure there will be good results.” Lee Jung-hoo, why were you confident about the success of Heroes’ best friend

“I think Kim Hye-sung will also have a good result.”

Lee Jung-hoo, 26, of the San Francisco Giants left Incheon International Airport on Tuesday. He is in the U.S. to manage his physical condition. Lee plans to join the San Francisco Spring Training Center after conducting individual sports at a training facility provided by his team. After making a big deal worth 113 million U.S. dollars for six years, Lee vowed to show good results with responsibility.

There is another reason why Lee Jung-hoo vowed to succeed. It is because of junior players who are challenging the Major League after him. Lee Jung-hoo said, “I am responsible for receiving a huge amount of money. I think other players who challenge the Major League will be treated well if I get paid a lot of money and do well. Just as I was treated well because Kim Ha-sung did well, I have to perform well.”

If Lee Jung-hoo plays in the Major League, Kim Hye-sung (25) who announced his bid to enter the U.S. will also be treated well. Kim Hye-sung is already receiving attention from multiple Major League teams. Scouts paid attention to Kim’s outstanding flagship skill and accurate hitting ability. Another attraction was that he is a utility resource that can play shortstop, second baseman, and center fielder. Kim Hye-sung is a likely candidate to join the big league after Lee Jung-hoo.

Lee Jung-hoo and Kim Hye-sung are known to be close friends. The two, who joined the club in 2017, continued their professional careers by relying on each other. “Kim Hye-sung is a player who works harder than anyone else,” said Lee Jung-hoo, who watched Kim Hye-sung from a close distance. “All the players will do their best, but Kim Hye-sung, who I have seen while playing together for seven years, is on a different level.” “Kim Hye-sung is a player who only watches a goal when he sets it. I definitely think there will be good results,” he said, adding that Kim Hye-sung is also confident that he will be able to achieve his dream to advance to the Major League.

In the U.S., they also decided to meet the two who joined the club. Kiwoom’s spring camp site and Lee Jung-hoo’s accommodation are close. Lee Jung-hoo said, “The place of the Kium camp was close. It’s 15 minutes away. Kim Hye-sung decided to come to my house.”

Lee Jung-hoo, who is officially challenging to conquer the Major League, picked adaptation as his top priority. Lee Jung-hoo said, “I’m trying to adapt quickly in the U.S. I don’t know how much I can play baseball because I haven’t actually played against the players yet. Still, if I adapt well, I think I can achieve good results again. I’ll try to adapt myself well.” 꽁머니

Finally, Lee Jung-hoo said, “Thank you for the support from many fans. I’m going to take another challenge, and I’ll try to repay you as much as many people are looking forward to it. I want to show you what I’ve shown in Korea in the U.S. I’ll try and work hard until the day I retire.”

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