Infielder’s First Gold Glove’ Kim Ha-sung said, “Growth through hard work, it’s the driving force of my life.”

“Growth through effort is the nourishment and driving force of my life.”

Only those who know what “the value of sweat” is able to say. Whatever the result, the moment I sweat and sweat for now nourishes growth. This is because not only trying to get good results, but this moment of trying itself is the best gift that can be given to me in the present, living a once-in-a-lifetime life.

In a way, it could be an ignorant way. In this modern era, such exercise could cause controversy. However, he turned on the car lights early in the morning in an empty lot for training and hit thousands of balls, becoming a professional baseball player. He dominated the KBO League soon after, and is showing off his success in the Major League, the stage of his dreams. This is the story of Kim Ha-sung (29), the first Asian infielder to win the Gold Glove Award in the utility category while playing in the U.S. Major League.

Kim Ha-sung has not been able to focus on his sport for a while due to his junior’s groundless revelation that erupted last month. He was so worried that he felt embarrassed, but he is now concentrating on his personal training.

Kim Ha-sung, who met with Sports Seoul on November 30, said, “The training method is always the same. I’m continuing to practice hitting a 160km/h fast mechanic. It’s because it’s a homework I have to solve as long as I keep playing in ML. I think I have to prepare the same this season.”

Kim Ha-sung hit .260 (140 hits in 538 at-bats) with 17 homers and 38 steals this season, posting a good record in his third year in ML. He is the first Asian infielder to receive the Gold Glove utility award. 마카오토토주소

There was no satisfaction. “My batting method has not been fully established yet,” Kim said. “I am training with the feeling that I am continuing to fill in the areas I felt lacking during the training.” Although he recorded an on-base percentage of 0.325 as a leadoff, Kim said, “My batting is not good enough. I feel that I am lacking in slugging percentage (0.383 in the 2023 season). I need to pay more attention to producing long-distance shots.” “I am practicing that part intensively because (Kim) Ha-sung wants to push and make long-distance shots,” said Park Soo-soo, manager of the baseball team at Seongnam Daewon Middle School, his teacher who nurtured Kim Ha-sung.

What is the reason for Kim Ha-sung’s efforts? “I had a desire to return to Korea because I was sluggish in the first year (2021) when I entered the ML. Whenever that happened, I took more training and tried hard. That was my motivation in itself,” he said.

The fact that he did not hesitate to suffer from sluggishness and sweated more was the driving force that made him endure far and wide. The amount of training he was not ashamed of himself eventually made him stand tall as a starting player. As he knew the value of sweat, he did not reduce the amount of training even though others praised him for his success.

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