Is Iraq a Country of ‘Tukbaegi’?…Hussein’s Single Contest Header 3 Goals Attention

In soccer, a striker that players find tricky is not a smooth technique but an earthen pot type striker with “height.” Technicians can be cut off by fouls, but they are often aware of the high-altitude bombardment of tall men among defenders.

The Asian Cup, which competes for the strongest position in Asia, is the same. Iraq’s Aymen Hussein (28, Al-Qaeda and Al-Zawiya) proved his value in just three group matches. On the 24th, he poured out five goals (No. 1 overall goal) including two goals in the final Group D match against Vietnam, and three goals were scored by the header.

What is surprising about Hussein’s performance is his high goal determination. Unlike his rivals, the average playing time is around 40 minutes, but he tried 10 shots and turned half into a goal. It is interesting that all the scoring positions are in the middle of the penalty area. In other words, the opponent’s defense did not use much power as he performed a scoring show with a header that made use of 189 centimeters tall.

Some analysts say that Hussein’s high-altitude bombing was due to his height difference from rival players. Japan, which scored two goals with a header, is 180.50 centimeters tall on average, ranking ninth in 24 countries. Vietnam is 175.38 centimeters in height, making it easier for the team to play the game as it is shorter than the Iraqi players, who are ranking third overall at 182.73 centimeters.

What’s interesting is that Hussein also highlighted the fact that Iraq is an earthen pot country. According to “Opta,” a sports statistics company that has been an official player at the Asian Cup since the 2007 Asian Cup in four Southeast Asian countries, only two players, including Hussein, have scored more than three header goals in a single event.

The other one is Eunice Mahmoud (41, retired), a living legend of Iraqi soccer. In fact, he was a master of header goals who gave Iraq, which was suffering from the devastation of war, joy to advance to the semifinals at the 2004 Athens Olympics. He scored three goals as a header at the 2007 Asian Cup, and even grabbed the trophy. Mahmoud also dominated the Asian Cup scoring champion and MVP, and based on his stellar performance, he became the first Asian player to win votes at the Ballon d’Or.

The value of the header goal, which is difficult for defenders to prevent even though they know it, is also reaffirmed in the fact that only five players are added even if the header goal of a single tournament is expanded to two goals. They include Mark Viduka (49, retired) of Australia in the 2007 tournament, Mahmoud and Ji Dong-won (33) of Qatar in 2011, Reza Guchanejad (37, retired) of Iran in the 2015 tournament of Australia, and Kim Min-jae (28, Munich) of the 2019 United Arab Emirates (UAE).

With two Korean players on the list, it is doubtful that Kim Shin-wook (36, Kitchi), who is the second-highest in the earthen pot, is missing, but he has no choice because he has only one game to play. Kim Shin-wook failed to show his true value because it was the first and last tournament in 2011, when he experienced a bench of tears with Son Heung-min (32, Tottenham). 헤라카지노도메인

Cho Kyu-sung (26, Meat Whelan) is also a candidate for an earthen pot striker who can threaten the opponent’s defense with a Korean player at this year’s event. Still improving his sense of goal, Cho scored two goals with only his header at the World Cup in Qatar. If Cho shows his true value, he will likely gain momentum in his bid for the top spot at the Asian Cup for the first time in 64 years.

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