Is the era of watching professional baseball ‘for free’ now over → Eventually, the KBO League will become a ‘paid reality’ due to the global trend

Will the era of watching professional baseball for free disappear any more.
The secretariat of the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) said on the 8th, “CJ ENM has been selected as the preferred bidder for the wired and wireless broadcasting rights of professional baseball.” According to Money Today, TVing, which provides online video services (OTT) as a subsidiary of CJ ENM, was also selected as the preferred bidder in the competition bid for KBO league wired and wireless broadcasting rights operators between 2024 and 2026 on the same day.

KBO plans to set up a negotiation table with CJ ENM. KBO said, “We will hold detailed negotiations with CJ ENM. When the negotiations are finalized, we plan to announce the size of the contract and key matters.” If there is no disagreement in detailed negotiations, CJ ENM will win the right to broadcast new media in professional baseball for three years from 2024 to 2026. In this case, CJ ENM will retain the right to stream and resell VODs (on-demand video) such as live wired and wireless broadcasts and highlights of KBO games and major events in Korea.

As competition in the OTT industry is getting fiercer recently, competition in sports content is also getting very hot.
Coupang Play, the rival of TVing, started broadcasting the K-League, Spanish Primera Liga, German Bundesliga, NFL, MLS, NHL, and ONE FC (Asia’s largest martial arts) in Korea from last year. Based on such influences, Coupang Play ranked No. 1 in the number of monthly active users (MAU), an online video service in Korea. To that extent, sports is drawing attention as killer content to attract more viewers in the online video service industry. Analysts say that the company has limited access to original content such as dramas, movies and entertainment programs.

On the 4th, three companies participated in the bidding for broadcasting rights: TVing, portal and telecommunications consortium centered on portal Naver and telecommunications companies (SK Telecom, LG Uplus, and Africa TV), and sports marketing company Acla Entertainment, which operates Spotify. Coupang Play did not participate. 랭크카지노주소

According to Money Today, in the bidding for broadcasting rights, TVing reportedly offered an annual amount of 40 billion won. It is a cumulative total of 120 billion won for three years. This is nearly twice the annual broadcasting rights fee (22 billion won) of the existing contract. In 2019, the portal and telecommunications consortium (after Naver, KT, LG Uplus, SK Broadband, and Kakao) offered the highest amount for broadcasting rights in Korea at the time and won broadcasting rights for five years. This time, the portal and telecommunications consortium and Aikla Entertainment reportedly wrote down 30 billion won each. TVing has invested more than 10 billion won in bids annually. It is interpreted as a strategy to resolve the current subscriber congestion while securing sports broadcasting rights with a large fixed fan base.

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