‘It exploded’ Choi Jeong, a come-from-behind grand slam explosion! Created a new record for the most RBIs in PS history [Jun PO3]

 It was the room I had been looking forward to so much안전놀이터. SSG Landers Choi Jeong hit his first semi-playoff home run with a grand slam.

Choi Jeong-eun started as a third baseman and third batter in the 3rd game of the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League postseason semi-playoff against NC Dinos held at Changwon NC Park on the 25th, and had bases loaded in the top of the second inning when the team was trailing 1-3. He took the team’s lead by hitting a 141km/h fastball from starter Tanner Turley and hitting a grand slam. 

Choi Jeong, who had a hamstring injury issue at the end of the regular season, was dramatically listed as a semi-playoff entry, but in the previous two semi-playoff games, he showed performance that was below expectations with 1 hit and 1 RBI in 7 at-bats and a batting average of 0.143. However, SSG clearly showed its presence in the third game, when it was pushed to the edge.

On this day, SSG consisted of Choo Shin-soo (designated hitter) ~ Heredia (center fielder) ~ Choi Jeong (third baseman) ~ Han Yu-seom (right fielder) ~ Ha Jae-hoon (left fielder) ~ Park Seong-han (shortstop) ~ Kim Seong-hyun (second baseman) ~ Oh Tae-gon (first baseman) ~ Kim Min-sik The starting lineup was formed in that order (catcher). Oh Won-seok took the mound as the starting pitcher, and Kim Gwang-hyun and Moon Seung-won, who came on after Kim Gwang-hyun as the starter in the second game, were classified as non-appearance players.

Before the game, coach Kim Won-hyung said, “It was the same in the first game, and it was the same in the second game. I think the pitchers behind us will throw the ball with a little more confidence if we score a score. It seems like we’re continuing to be pushed back because we can’t take the first lead.” As I said, unfortunately, the same scene continued in the third game.

In the top of the first inning, SSG had 2 outs and runners on 1st and 3rd base on hits by Choo Shin-soo and Han Yoo-seom, but Ha Jae-hoon retired with a fly ball from shortstop on Tanner’s slider, and even though he had a chance to score, he was unable to score, and Oh Won-seok came on the mound in the bottom of the 1st inning. In a critical situation with 2 outs and 2nd and 3rd bases, timely hits were allowed to Kwon Hee-dong and Seo Ho-cheol, resulting in a loss of 3 points.

The atmosphere was very tense from the start, and SSG also took advantage of Tanner’s shaking and started chasing. In the top of the second inning, Park Seong-han, the leader, retired with a ground ball to shortstop, but Kim Seong-hyun hit a hit to center and Oh Tae-gon hit a left-field hit. Min-sik Kim struck out, but Choo Shin-soo walked and the bases were full.

SSG then made it 1-3 by getting Guillermo Heredia on base and pushing him out. And with the bases loaded, Choi Jeong passed Tanner’s ball over the left field fence, instantly turning the score to 5-3. 

It was Choi Jeong’s first home run in the semi-playoffs and his 13th home run in the postseason. Choi Jeong, who added 4 RBIs, made a total of 42 RBIs in the postseason, surpassing Hong Seong-heun (Doosan, 39 RBIs) and setting a new record for the most RBIs in the postseason. In addition, there is only one left to reach the most postseason home runs (14) held by current Doosan Bears coach Lee Seung-yeop (Samsung).

◆2023 KBO semi-playoff participant list

▲NC Dinos

-Manager: Kang In

-kwon -Coaches: Jeon Hyeong-do, Jin Jong-gil, Jeon Min-soo, Song Ji-man, Yoon Byeong-ho, Yoon Soo-kang, Park Seok-jin, Lee Jong-wook, Kim Soo-kyung -Pitchers (

13): Tanner Tully, Song Myeong-ki , Eric Peddy, Kim Young-gyu, Choi Seong-young, Kim Si-hoon, Lee Yong-chan, Lim Jeong-ho, Ha Jun-young, Ryu Jin-wook, Lee Jae-hak, Shin Min-hyuk, Lee Jun-ho – Catchers (3):

Park Se-hyuk, Park Dae-on, Kim Hyeong-

jun – Infielders (7): Park Min-woo, Seo Ho-cheol, Kim Joo-won, Do Tae-hoon , Choi Jeong-won, Oh Young-soo,

Kim Han-byul – Outfielders (7): Park Young-bin, Chun Jae-hwan, Kim Seong-wook, Son A-seop, Kwon Hee-dong, Park Geon-woo, Jason Martin ▲

SSG Landers

– Manager: Kim Won

-hyung – Coaches: Son Ji-hwan, Jeong Kyeong-bae, Cho Won-woo, Kim Min-jae, Chae Byeong-yong, Park Jeong-kwon , Jo Dong-hwa,

Jeong Jin-sik, Lee Seung-ho -Pitchers (12): Ko Hyo-jun, Lee Kun-wook, Seo Jin-yong, Roenis Elias, Kim Gwang-hyun, Kirk McCarty, Noh Kyung-eun, Moon Seung-won, Oh Won-seok, Choi Min-jun, Lee Ro-woon, Song Young-jin -Catchers (3): Lee Jae-won, Kim Min-sik

, Cho Hyeong

-woo – Infielders (6): Park Seong-han, Kim Chan-hyung, Kim Seong-hyun, Ahn Sang-hyun, Choi

Jeong, Choi Ju-hwan – Outfielders (9): Kim Kang-min, Choi Sang-min, Ha Jae-hoon, Choo Shin-soo, Guillermo Heredia, Kang Jin-seong, Han Yu-seom, Oh Tae-gon, Choi Ji-hoon Photo

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