“It was the most spursy ever!”… Maddison, who was ‘strongly criticized’, is a hero at Tottenham- an object of ridicule at the British national team! “Is that really the player?”

James Maddison is the protagonist of Tottenham’s sensation in the English Premier League (EPL).

Maddison, who transferred from Leicester City to Tottenham this season, has been active since the beginning of the season and led Tottenham’s upward trend. Maddison proved why he is the best attacking midfielder in the EPL, recording 2 goals and 5 assists and tying for first place in assists. In addition, Maddison played a big role in bringing Tottenham to the original team as vice-captain.

Tottenham, where Maddison played, is in first place in the league with 6 wins, 2 draws, and 20 points. This is the first season in Tottenham club history to have scored 20 points in 8 games since the start of the season. The local media continues to praise Maddison, saying he was the best signing in the EPL during last summer’s transfer market.

However, when Maddison wears the England national team uniform, he becomes smaller. It was like that in the past, and it was like that again this time.

For Madison, the national team is a nightmare. Although he has often been selected for the England national team since 2019, he has rarely played a game. The England national team’s midfield is very strong, and Maddison was not trusted by England coach Gareth Southgate. Madison has only played in 5 international matches for the England national team.

Therefore, the common comment of many people who provoked Madison was, “Southgate’s choice was not wrong!”

Madison took the opportunity again this time. It was a friendly match against Australia held on the 14th. Coach Southgate gave a lot of rest to the starting players and formed the best players with players who had not played much in the game. England’s main players prepared for Euro 2024 against Italy, which will be held on the 18th.

Madison took the opportunity to start. England struggled and managed to win 1-0 thanks to Ollie Watkins’ opener.

Madison got smaller again. He failed to reveal any significant presence. The lively and attractive appearance at Tottenham was nowhere to be seen. He showed a different side from Tottenham, to the point where it was questionable whether he was the player. Madison had to keep his head down after making an absurd shot during the game. Substituted out in the 28th minute of the second half.

After the game, English soccer fans lashed out at Maddison. Among them, the word ‘Spursy’ appeared again. Spursy means ‘Tottenham-like’. It has a negative meaning. It means mocking. This is a word that comes out when Tottenham is lethargic.

Britain’s ‘Football Insider’ reported the reaction of England fans who were angry at Maddison. The media said, “England fans made an effort to ridicule Maddison after seeing his poor performance against Australia. They were busy criticizing Maddison. Maddison had a great performance for Tottenham this season, but that appearance disappeared from the England national team.안전놀이터” reported.

In fact, fans responded strongly, including “Most Spursy ever,” “Madison has more ego than talent,” “Worst move ever,” and “Madison’s shooting is the worst shooting in history.” revealed.

Maddison said after the north London derby draw with Arsenal: “The epithets fans and pundits use when they talk about Tottenham are rubbish like weak, cowards and Spurs. Tottenham have gone in a different direction over the last few weeks. “It showed that we are on our way,” he said. He expressed confidence that he would not listen to the word ‘spursy’.  

However, he had to hear the word ‘Spursey’ wearing the England national team uniform, not Tottenham. Could it be that he is so incompatible with the national team?

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