“It’s a masterpiece.” Tottenham manager POSTECH confidently analyzed the data of statistical companies, and EPL number 3

The ‘data’ proved its ability.

Coach Enze Postecoglou, who took the helm of Tottenham Hotspur in July last year and made his debut in the 2023-2024 English Premier League (EPL), is being considered a “master” in less than a season due to his unique aggressive soccer and outspoken leadership. Although the current league ranking is 5th (44 points) and is below the top four of the league, which qualifies for the UEFA Champions League, Postecoglou’s leadership is highly regarded. In particular, he is gaining huge popularity among Korean soccer fans as he uses “captain” Son Heung-min.

This kind of capability of Postecoglou has been proven by concrete figures. An organization specializing in sports data analysis has quantified and ranked the leadership of EPL coaches revealed this season with specific data, as Postecoglou confidently took the third place.

The British mass media Daily Mail introduced the data analysis results of TwentyFirst Group, a sports data analysis agency, on the 7th (Korea time), saying, “New data shows directors who are performing best in the EPL this season.”

With the season nearing its end, the EPL is fiercely contested. While Liverpool, led by manager Jurgen Klopp, is leading the league (51 points), Manchester City, which achieved the treble last season, is trailing with 49 points. Arsenal, ranked third, also have 49 points. Aston Villa, led by Unai Emery, are taking the last spot in the Top 4 with 46 points. Tottenham is in fifth place with a two-point gap, and Erik ten Hag’s Manchester United is in sixth place (38 points). 꽁머니

However, the team’s performance and the coach’s leadership do not always match. The Daily Mail cited Twenty First Group’s performance data analysis results as the basis for the analysis. According to the Daily Mail, the best EPL coach at this point was Emery. Emery has led Aston Villa from November 2022 after succeeding former coach Steven Gerrard, and led the team that had been at the mid-level in the league to a higher level. Notably, the team was assessed to have increased its chance of advancing to the Champions League by a whopping 55 percent during this season.

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