“Kang In scored a goal? I’m going to do my best”. Best friend Kubo announces his ambition to compete

Takefusa Kubo, Lee Kang-in’s best friend, interviewed.

“Yahoo Japan,” a Japanese media outlet, reported on the 18th (Korea time), “The Japanese national team MF Kubo Takefusa of Real Sociedad practiced the day before the second round of the group stage against Iraq of the AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2023 the next day and responded to the interview after the practice.”

Japan is scheduled to play Iraq in the second Group D preliminary round of the 2024 Qatar Asian Cup at Education City Stadium in Al-Raiyan, Qatar, on the 19th (Korea time).

Earlier, in the first match against Vietnam, Japan struggled quite a bit in the first half and won the game 4-2. Notably, it was thoroughly attacked by Vietnam’s set piece and exposed its weaknesses too easily. However, Japan’s offense was unprecedented.

The two-line combination that led to Nakamura, Minamino and Junya Ito was quite destructive. In addition, Kubo, who played as a substitute in the 40th minute of the second half, showed Ueda one assist in the first minute as soon as he replaced him, showing why he was the ace.

Meanwhile, Kubo’s best friend Lee Kang-in also flew in the first round. Lee, who started in the match against Bahrain, showed good passes and skills to lead the team throughout the game, and made a multi-goal by taking a nice curl and calmly folding the pass from Hwang In-beom to make a multi-goal.

In the game, Lee Kang-in showed the best performance with 9.3 points, creating three opportunities, creating three big opportunities, 67% dribbling success rate, 50% cross success rate, 100% long pass success rate, 4 recoveries, and 8 attack area passes. 헤라카지노

Kubo also heard the news of Lee Kang-in. First of all, Kubo said about the Iraq match, “I think it will develop differently from the first match against Vietnam because I will bet on high or fast, but I hope you will respond flexibly as a team.”

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