“KBO League Stretch” SSG Spring Camp Advancement Team Departures, Baseball Season “Rose”

The season of baseball is just around the corner. All 10 teams will open their 2024 season starting with spring camp. It is a time that determines the farming process for a year. For now, the SSG advance team boarded the plane first.

The SSG will have its first camp at the Jackie Robinson Training Complex in Vero Beach, Florida. The team will depart Korea on Jan. 30 and run until Feb. 23. The team will have its second camp at the Zai Municipal Stadium in Taiwan from Feb. 25. The camp will run until March 7.

The advance team left first on Saturday. Some coaches, including head coach Lee Sung-yong and head coach Song Soo-young, as well as Kim Kwang-hyun, Oh Won-seok, Choi Jung, Kim Sung-hyun, Oh Tae-gon, Park Sung-han and Han Yu-seom, started first.

“This is my first spring camp as a coach. I’m very excited. I’m looking forward to it. The appointment of the coach was a little late. I didn’t have time to take a closer look at the players. I will check the players well through this camp. I have to look into the starters, bullpen, second baseman and catcher,” Lee explained.

Of course, other teams will join the competition. The defending champion will depart for Arizona, the U.S. on March 30. The team will hold a camp in Scottsdale until March 2.

KT is the only team that starts in Korea among the 10 teams. It will move to Gijang on January 29. Camps will begin on February 1 after individual training sessions. The team will then have its second camp in Okinawa, Japan from February 23 to March 6.

NC Dinos will leave for Arizona, the U.S. on Tuesday. The team will train in Tucson until March 5. Just like LG, campers only take place in one place without moving.

Doosan, KIA, and Hanwha will start in Australia. Doosan will head to Sydney, Australia on Feb. 29. They will sweat hard until Feb. 19 and have their second camp in Miyazaki, Japan, from Feb. 21. They will participate in the “Nostalgia Games,” where they will have practice games with Japanese professional baseball teams.

KIA will depart for Canberra, Australia on March 30. It will undergo training in Australia until February 20 and the second camp in Okinawa from February 22. Through practice games, the team will develop sense of play in actual matches. It will return to Korea on March 6.

Hanwha will fly to Melbourne, Australia on March 30. Training will run until February 19. Then, it will move to Okinawa. The second camp will take place from February 21. It will return to Korea on March 4.

Lotte will open its camp in Guam. It will fly on the 31st. After training until Feb. 20, it will move to Okinawa, Japan. A joint training and practice match is scheduled with its sister club, Chiba Lotte. There are also games against domestic teams. It will return to Korea on Mar. 5. 월카지노주소

Samsung will go back to Okinawa, Japan, where it has always been. The team will have its entire camp at Onnason Akama Stadium. It will depart Korea on Jan. 30 and return on Mar. 7. Practice matches with Japanese teams will begin in mid-February. Seven games are scheduled. Then, practice matches with Korean teams will be played.

He will go to Kiwoom and Arizona. He will depart Korea on February 29 and start training on February 1. The first camp will be held until February 15. After that, he will move to Kaohsiung, Taiwan, and hold the second camp until March 6.

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