“Key Pass + No. 1 Big Chance Making” Lee Kang-in failed… “What if the ingredients are good?”

What if the ingredients are top-notch? The chef is a mess. The 2023 Qatar Asian Cup has ended, and the final individual stat has been revealed. In particular, Lee Kang-in’s two items stood out as he was listed at the top.

Qatar defeated Jordan 3-1 in the final of the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Qatar Asian Cup at Lusail Iconic Stadium in Aldayen Lusail, Qatar, at 0 a.m. on the 11th (Korea time). Qatar won its second consecutive tournament following the 2019 United Arab Emirates.

Qatar, which beat Iran, and Jordan, which overpowered South Korea, faced off in the final. And Qatar, led by Akram Afif, laughed. Afif gave his country the trophy with a hat trick from a penalty kick in the 22nd minute of the first half, the 28th minute of the second half, and the 5th minute of added time in the second half.

The long journey of the 2023 Asian Cup has been completed. And a surprising record came out. According to the soccer statistics media ‘Foot Mob’, Lee Kang-in ranked first in the key pass category with 19 times, beating Akram Afif (16th, Qatar), Jarodin Masharipov (12th, Uzbekistan), Saman Godos (11th, Iran), and Moussa Altamari (11th, Jordan).

In addition, he was listed at the top of the big chance making category with seven episodes. After that, Ali Jasim (5th, Iraq), Saman Godos (4th, Iran), Almoez Ali (3rd, Qatar), and Jarodin Masharipov (3rd, Uzbekistan).

As such, Lee Kang-in performed well enough to take the lead in both key passes and big chance making. In this tournament, it was Lee Kang-in who created the best attack situation and the most threatening scenes.

Nevertheless, Korea did not even make it to the final round. In the match against Jordan in the semifinal, Korea only attempted eight shots and failed to record any effective shots. The gap is huge with Jordan, who made 17 shots and seven shots on goal. The players cannot be blamed. Coach Jurgen Klinsmann should have conducted proper analysis and instruction in the team, but he could not check the players at all throughout the game. It made me wonder what they prepared. 마카오카지노

So, Korea did not win the trophy even though it had the treasure of Lee Kang-in. Based on the “foot mob”, Lee Kang-in’s overall average rating was 7.88 points, ranking third after Akram Afif (8.57 points, Qatar) and Saud Abdulhamid (8.01 points, Saudi Arabia).

The golden generation of all time failed to shine on Klinsmann’s horror show.

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