KIA completes salary negotiations… Choi Jimin 233% ↑ Park Chan-ho’s highest amount as a non-FA

Professional baseball KIA Tigers have ended their salary negotiations for the 2024 season.

Kia announced on Wednesday that it has finalized contracts with 46 players who are eligible to renew their contracts for the 2024 season. Pitcher Young Gun duo Choi Ji-min (20) and Yoon Young-chul (19), who were born in 2004, have posted high annual salary increases, drawing attention.

The player with the highest increase rate in his team is Choi Ji-min, a left-handed bullpen. Choi signed a contract worth 100 million won (approx. In his second year as a pro, he became an annual payer worth billions of dollars), up 233 percent from 30 million won (approx. In the 2023 season, Choi pitched 59 ⅓ innings in 58 games, recording six wins, three losses, three saves and 12 holds. He posted an ERA of 2.12.

Yoon Young-chul, a left-hander born in 2004, who debuted as a pro last year, also saw his annual salary increase threefold. His annual salary was 30 million won last year, but he will be paid 90 million won this year. Yoon displayed stellar performance, as he competed against Moon Dong-ju (Hanwha Eagles) for the rookie of the year award in the 2023 season. He played 25 games, recording eight wins, seven losses and an earned run average of 4.04.

Infielder Park Chan-ho (28) has become the highest annual salary of non-free agents, excluding foreign players in his team. Park signed an annual salary of 300 million won (approx. Lim Ki-young (30) makes the highest annual salary as a non-FA pitcher, up 100 million won (66.7 percent) from the 2023 season. 토토사이트

In addition, infielder Kim Do-young (20) re-signed at 130 million won, up 50 million won (about 100 percent), while outfielder Lee Woo-sung (29) re-signed at 130 million won, up 75 million won (about 136 percent). A total of 24 players saw their salaries increase this season with Kia. Nine were frozen and 13 were cut.

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