Kim Moon-hwan, who was shunned by Klinsmann, is ‘much better’ in his team, and he is active regardless of left and right

Kim Moon-hwan, who plays for Alduhail (Qatar), showed a light movement and was active. He stuck to his defense and created chances with accurate crosses and cutbacks in attack. Considering that South Korea was agonizing over the “full-back chaos” throughout the Asian Cup, it is a great regret that German coach Jurgen Klinsmann turned a blind eye to Kim Moon-hwan.

Kim Moon-hwan started the Equality Cup against Santos (Brazil) at Jasim Bin Hamad Stadium in Doha, Qatar on the 9th (Korea time) and played full time. The Equality Cup is a friendly tournament in Qatar from the 1st to the 13th of this month, with Alduhail and Santos, Shanghai Shenhua (China), and Zenit St. Petersburg (Russia) participating.

Kim Moon-hwan played left fullback on the day. Right fullback is his main position, but he moved to a different position due to Sultan Al-Break (Qatar), who originally played left fullback, being called out for the Asian Cup. Kim Moon-hwan looked serious when he played after warming up with his teammates ahead of kickoff.

Kim Moon-hwan was active on the left side, maintaining the balance of offense and defense. As he has played as a built-in mainstay in Alduhail, playing in 17 games (15 starts) in all competitions this season, he seemed to have close to 100 percent sense of play and condition.

In particular, Kim Moon-hwan went up to the high position in the 33rd minute of the first half, strongly pressed forward, and brought ownership before giving up a cutback, creating a decisive opportunity. However, Philippe Cocinho (Brazil), who received a cutback from the left side of the penalty box, did not lead to an attack point as his shot was blocked. Since then, Kim Moon-hwan has actively attempted to overlap and crossed.

Kim Moon-hwan also hit the ground in the second half. In the second half, he moved to right fullback and continued his performance. He showed stable defense that was never penetrated in one-on-one situations, and actively participated in the rear build-up while providing accurate passes. As Alduhail was on the defensive in the second half, he could not reach a high position, so he could not try a cross or cutback.

Alduhail had a 2-2 draw with Santos after a slugfest, skipping extra time in line with the Equality Cup rules and heading straight to the penalty shootout. Kim was the fifth kicker and made it lightly. However, Alduhail lost 3-4, as the first kicker and the second kicker missed in succession. 월카지노

Kim Moon-hwan met with reporters after the game and said, “I played half a season, and I have adapted more than when I first came to Qatar. My teammates helped me a lot, so I am comfortably adapting well to my life and playing,” adding, “It’s a shame that the results were not good during the three games in this Equality Cup, but I think we need to prepare well for the Qatar Stars League, which will start again.”

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