Kium Ahn desperate to complete ‘physical and mental management’ season with 2nd break

Recovery is the priority.

Kiwoom Heroes’ Ahn Woo-jin (24) was removed from the first team roster on May 9. This is the second time he has been removed from the first team roster, having already been removed on May 31.

Ahn pitched 5.2 innings with six strikeouts and one run (unearned) against the Gocheok Lotte Giants on May 8. While he didn’t record a quality start (QS – six or more innings pitched with three or fewer earned runs), he did his job by minimizing runs and lasting more than five innings.

He wasn’t at his best, though. He gave up four walks and struggled with his velocity,카지노사이트 which ultimately led to the decision by head coach Hong Won-ki to remove him from the lineup. “He looked out of shape,” said Hong. She had a lot of strikeouts early in the game and looked like she was struggling,” he said, explaining the reasoning behind her exclusion from the first team and rest.

Ahn’s record this season is 7-7 with a 2.37 ERA in 21 games through October 10. He has thrown 2088 pitches in 132.2 innings, and his 157 strikeouts lead the league. His style is more about overpowering opponents with his pitches rather than ‘hit and run’. As a result, his pitching is physically demanding. Hong is well aware of this and has been giving Ahn rest since last year, depending on his physical condition. His first suspension from the first team in May was also an early decision to manage his physical condition.

However, this second suspension was not expected by anyone. Even with the rest, the field judgment is that the aftermath of physical exhaustion has affected his pitching.

The ace has started a lot of games this season in high-pressure situations, especially when the team needed to end a losing streak. Nine times. On four of those occasions, Ahn lived up to her ace status by leading her team to victory.

Less than half of the time, the other five losses were due to poor batting support, despite the pitcher’s strong performance. Against Lotte on the 8th, there was no run support while Ahn was on the mound.

This second break is crucial for Ahn, who is physically and mentally exhausted. She must regain her form if she wants to ‘finish the season’. With Kiwoom looking to escape the bottom half of the table, a healthy return of their ace is more important than ever.

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