KT Sonic Boom Winning Fairy Deft, Rollster’s Team’s Happy Basketball Outing

The KT Rolster team was the winning fairy of KT Sonic Boom.
A special guest came to the 2023-2024 professional basketball match between Suwon KT and Goyang Sono held at KT Sonic Boom Arena in Suwon on the 15th.

Players from KT’s e-sports “KT Rollster,” KT’s sibling club, came to cheer for the KT Sonic Boom. Deft (Kim Hyuk-kyu), VDD (Kwak Bo-seong), Perfect (Lee Seung-min), Mark (Hong Chang-hyun), and Beryl (Kyung Sang-hee) were also present.

“I wasn’t very interested in basketball, but now I’m interested in the LoL World Championship in 2022 because it’s all played in NBA stadiums. I often see highlights when I rest. I just like watching it, and I’m worried about the sit-out because I’ve never done it before,” Deft said before the game. “I’m excited to meet my fans at a fan meeting.”

Before the game, the roster had a fan signing event. About 200 fans waited in a long line even before the game opened. More fans were lined up than last season’s “Rolster Day,” as the event was scheduled to continue until the 2024 season’s opening ceremony.

“I’m here because I’m a fan of Deft. I don’t know much about basketball, but Heo brothers (Heo Woong and Heo Hoon) do (laughs). I think I can get closer to basketball through this opportunity. I hope the KT players, my brother and club, enjoy a good season without getting any injuries. I hope Deft players don’t get hurt and do well this season. I hope he does well in his pitching before the game,” she said with a smile.

Just before the game opened, Deft stood on the court and greeted the visitors. He then stood on the free throw line and shot. Three attempts missed, but his fourth attempt from under the basket cut through the rim to finish the shot successfully. 랭크카지노
KT’s Sonic Boom defeated Sono 82-64 to secure a landslide victory. The roster of players, including Deft, became Sonic Boom’s “victory fairies.” With this joy, he communicated with fans at the 2024 kickoff ceremony after the game ended. He announced his pledges for the new season along with small talk, and held various events. Finally, he successfully finished the event by giving high-fives to his fans.

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