Lee Jung-hoo and Pedi all went as Boras said… What happens to Ryu Hyun-jin? “It’s going to the beginning of January.”

Scott Boras (71) drew attention from reporters when he appeared at a Major League Baseball general manager’s meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona, the U.S. on April 9 (Korea time). Boras actively promoted his clients and expressed confidence.

Boras had three clients related to Korea. They were Lee Jung-hoo (San Francisco Giants), Eric Peddy (Chicago White Sox), and Ryu Hyun-jin (aged 36). Lee Jung-hoo and Peddy signed a special contract as Boras was confident.

First of all, about Lee Jung-hoo, Boras said, “Nearly half of the teams in the league have already contacted Lee Jung-hoo. For those who don’t know, we brought Masataka Yoshida (Boston Red Sox). Lee Jung-hoo’s technique of hitting the ball can work in the Major League as well,” adding, “There is a center field premium in defense and even power. Lee Jung-hoo will bring K-pop to the Major League.”

Boras served as an agent for Japanese outfielder Yoshida a year ago, and won a five-year, 90 million-dollar contract with Boston. He won the highest contract among Asian batters who advanced to the Major League. Citing Yoshida as an example, he was confident in Lee Jung-hoo’s big contract and actually signed a six-year, 113 million-dollar contract with San Francisco on the 15th. Beyond Yoshida, he entered the big league with the best treatment for Asian batters.

Regarding Pedi, Boras also said, “It’s the most popular FA in the Major League. Everyone is talking about him.” This statement soon turned out to be true. On the 9th, news of a two-year, $15 million contract agreement with the White Sox was announced, and the official announcement of the club was made on the 14th.

The Major League is also struggling with a difficulty in pitching, and there is a competition for Pedi, who rebounded from the KBO League. He returned to the U.S. with the highest annual average amount among foreign players from the KBO League in terms of contracts that exceeded expectations.

With Lee Jung-hoo and Peddy deciding their destinations through successful contracts, attention is now being paid to Ryu’s future. Although the possibility of returning to the Hanwha Eagles in the KBO League was raised, Boras told Ryu, “Major League teams are very interested. I will also pitch in the Major League next year, not in Korea.” 랭크카지노

One-and-a-half months have passed since then, but Ryu has remained in the market as an FA. He is often mentioned as a notable FA in the U.S. media, but there are no rumors that any team is showing interest in him. Hanwha, which plays for its former team, may return to the market as it is ready to offer the best treatment as long as Ryu makes up his mind.

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