“Let’s help the hero who saved us from the mob” West Ham fan raises money for ‘hero supporter’ who suffered stroke

“Let’s help our hero.”

Fans of English Premier League side West Ham are going viral after launching a heartwarming fundraising drive to help a hero in need.

Their “hero” is Chris Knoll, a 58-year-old family man and office worker. Affectionately known as ‘Knollsy’, he is a West Ham supporter whose ‘heroics’ shocked the English soccer world in May.

On May 19, West Ham played AZ Alkmaar in the second leg of the 2022-2023 Europa Conference quarterfinals at the AFAS Stadium in the Netherlands. After West Ham won 1-0 to book their place in the final, Dutch hooligans broke out in riots, which escalated when they stormed the away supporters’ section.

At this point, Nolsey acted like a hero to protect West Ham fans, putting his body in front of dozens of hooligans as they swarmed toward the West Ham supporters, engaging them in a “fighting legend” type of brawl.

His clothes were torn and he suffered minor injuries to his face during the scuffle, but he never gave up and stood up to the mob, much to the delight of West Ham fans.

Nolsey has since become a national hero, with figures depicting him as The Avengers and Superman being sold. Nolsey was also nicknamed “Green T-Street” and “Angel of Alkmaar” for wearing green during the protests.

However, he recently broke the news to West Ham fans. He had suffered a stroke while at work. He is still in the hospital, paralyzed from the effects.

West Ham fans started a donation page to raise money for his medical expenses, saying, “The hero saved us, now it’s time for us to save him. 무지개토토

The fundraising page aims to raise £50,000, which will be used to “pay for the rehabilitation and equipment he needs, as well as help his family with their financial security,” according to the appeal.

The fan who suggested the fundraiser wrote: “It’s only been three months since his heroics in the semi-final against Alkmaar. The mysterious legend in the green t-shirt is finding himself in a life-changing situation.” “While working hard, he suffered a stroke. It is with great sadness that we learn that this great and strong man is now paralyzed on the right side of his body and his speech has been severely affected. It may take months or years, but we wish him a full recovery.”

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