LG Loses ‘Best Backup Utility’ Kim Min-sung, but he’s not worried… Because there are players from all over the country

Veteran FA infielder Kim Min-sung, who helped the LG Twins win the regular season in the 2023 season, returned to his hometown team Lotte Giants for the first time in 14 years with a contract period of up to three years (2+1 years), a total of 900 million won (200 million won down payment, 500 million won annual salary, and 200 million won option). 

Kim Min-sung was the best utility player who played all-infield positions regardless of first, second, third and shortstop positions when the infield was vacant due to the sluggishness of Seo Geon-chang, the main second baseman, and the injury of shortstop Oh Ji-hwan at the beginning of last season. When LG faced a crisis due to many injured players at the beginning of the season, Kim Min-sung’s presence was a big help.

But now Kim Min-sung is gone. LG has lost the best backup utility resources. LG, which is aiming for its second consecutive win, does not seem to be particularly worried. Kim Min-sung left, but LG is not disappointed that young players can fill the post because he likes Debs. 

Then, who will play the role of Kim Min-sung in the 2024 season. 

The first player who failed to play many games in the 2023 season due to injury is Son Ho-young, who is highly anticipated by manager Yeom Kyung-yeop. Son tried to enter the U.S. baseball league by signing with the Chicago Cubs of the U.S. Major League in 2014 while he was a freshman at Hongik University, but was released in 2017. Son later joined LG in the 2020 rookie draft. He was evaluated as having strong performance immediately after joining the team, but injury was a problem. Still, he remains the same today. Son was excluded from the 2024 Arizona Spring Camp list due to injury.

However, there is Koo Bon-hyeok who was discharged from the military in November last year. Koo is a player who boasts strong defense capabilities, and is so stable that when Oh Ji-hwan was injured in the past, Cha Myung-seok interviewed him, “My last secret weapon is Koo Bon-hyeok.” Koo is a utility backup resource capable of both second and third basemen and shortstop.

And Lee Young-bin, who will be discharged from the military in July. Lee joined the LG Twins in 2021 after graduating from Sego University, received defensive guidance from then-head coach Ryu Ji-hyun, and was evaluated as having improved his defensive skills. Above all, he is called a player who is talented in hitting and will take charge of the infield of the next generation of LG. 월카지노도메인

LG’s strength is that it can fill in any gaps immediately. Although it is not a special ace player, the word “irreplaceable” doesn’t work. LG’s breathtaking depth can more than fill in all positions. The regular season is called a “debs fight.” LG’s players who will fill Kim Min-sung’s post have returned from military service.

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