Lingard’s ‘Countdown to Join FC Seoul’ became a hot topic in September last year, along with the ‘100 million fine’ for drunk driving

An agreement between FC Seoul and Big Name is imminent. However, drunk driving, which had to pay a large fine just five months ago, is controversial.

Fabrizio Romano, a reporter specializing in the soccer transfer market, said on his social network service (SNS) on the 2nd (Korea time) that Lingard will move to FC Seoul as a surprise.

Romano said in a video, “Lyngaard has a new chapter ahead of him. As an FA, he is preparing for a contract with FC Seoul, a Korean club. The contract is close,” adding, “The final letter of signing a two-year contract has come and gone, and Lingard is ready to leave England and take on a new challenge in Korea.”

“Lyngaard left England and trained with Saudi club Al Etihad. However, Coach Steven Gerrard decided not to pursue a contract with him, and Seoul offered him a proposal and reached an agreement,” he added.

Leading British media also reported Lingard’s move to Seoul.

Sky Sports said, “Lyngaard is about to make a ‘surprise transfer’ to Korea. He is about to go to FC Seoul. It is believed that he verbally agreed to the contract, including the condition of extending one year in two years. He is expected to leave the country within a few days to complete the contract. It is said that Lingard wanted a new start in a new country.”

British public broadcaster BBC reported that Lingard is seriously considering going to FC Seoul with a two-plus-year contract. However, unlike Sky Sports, it was not known whether Lingard would accept FC Seoul’s offer at this point.

An FC Seoul club official admitted in a telephone interview with X-Sports News on the 2nd, “We contacted Lingard. It is right that we are negotiating over joining the club.”

A roadmap suggesting that Lingard will soon come to Korea to undergo a medical test and then participate in off-season training in Kagoshima, Japan. In other words, the highest transfer in the K-League, which marks its 41st anniversary, is imminent.

Lingard was selected as the England team at the 2018 World Cup in Russia and is a striker who led the team to the semifinals along with Harry Kane and Dele Alli. He grew up in the Manchester United youth team and made his debut in the first division, and has left Manchester United and continued his active career at West Ham United and Nottingham Forest as his skills have been stagnant since 2020.

However, he was unbeatable after his contract with Nottingham ended last summer.

Lingard seemed to succeed in re-entering the Premier League by knocking on the door of West Ham United, where he played on loan in September last year, but failed to sign a contract. He was then embroiled in rumors of a transfer with Spain’s FC Barcelona, Saudi Arabia’s Al Itihad and Saudi Arabia’s Al Shabaab, but there was no concrete progress.

A recent episode in which he sought to join Barcelona is famous. “Lingard offered Barcelona affordable conditions,” Spaniard Sport said on April 7. “Lingard, who currently has no team after playing for Nottingham Forest, is eligible for free agency and may be eligible for Barcelona’s FFFP regulations.”

Barcelona is experiencing problems with the club’s finances and FFP regulations, making it impossible to supply and demand players. Without the release of players or any significant changes, they cannot sign a contract in this winter’s transfer market. 라바카지노

In a recent interview, Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez said, “We have to be realistic. We can no longer register other players in the squad,” adding, “It would be great to have a new midfielder after Pablo Garvey’s injury. But we have to wait and see. We have to try out opportunities for the present rather than the future.”

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