Manchester City’s home ball boy at age 13 → 7 years later, he scored the winning goal in his debut match against Manchester City… The 20-year-old winger Guardiola is a hot topic

Manchester City of England’s Premier League Mika Hamilton made her senior debut in the sixth round of the 2023-24 UEFA Champions League held on the 14th. Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola, who already secured the top spot in the group stage, hired an easy player. That’s why he gave Hamilton a chance to play.

Hamilton started as a right winger and made his first appearance as a member of Manchester City’s top flight in the match held at Stadion Zurbena Zvezda in the Serbian capital of Belgrade. It was his debut match, but Guardiola gave him a 90-minute full-time chance.

Hamilton scored a great goal in his debut match. After receiving a pass from Nunes in the 19th minute of the first half, Hamilton scored the first goal. Hwang In-beom also scored a 2-1 goal in the match.

British media reported after the match that this was not the first time that Hamilton had been given instructions by Pep Guardiola. Seven years ago in 2016, a video clip of Guardiola giving instructions in reverse to the 13-year-old was released. Hamilton was part of the Manchester City Youth Academy and was the ball boy of the match. Guardiola is calling Hamilton and saying something. Hamilton, nervous, is listening to the coach’s instructions.

Hamilton was in the first team squad but did not play. He just got his chance in the Champions League group game and he scored a goal.

According to the Daily Star, Guardiola made nine tactical changes in the match, and drafted Hamilton as the right flanker. Hamilton did not disappoint his coach’s expectations and successfully sent a brilliant shot that sent the opponent’s goal flying.

Thanks to the goal, Hamilton’s past was re-examined. Media reports say that many people have already seen Hamilton take orders from Guardiola.

In 2017, Hamilton was a ballboy at the Etihad Stadium, Manchester City’s home ground. Guardiola instructed Hamilton to pick up the ball quickly and pass it to the players so that they could maintain a high tempo.

On September 23, 2017, Manchester City won 5-0 at home against Crystal Palace. In the match, Manchester City failed to open the goal for Palace in the 30th minute of the first half.

“If you analyze the first half hour, we’re not ready to score a goal. We couldn’t do that throughout the game. The game was slow,” Guardiola said. “If there was a foul, no one would bring the ball to us, which slowed the game down. Five to 10 seconds went by before someone started the game with the ball. When this happens, everything slows down. The ball boys were slow, everyone was slow.” 헤라카지노

Hamilton has struggled with multiple injuries, but his growth has been tested and he has played as captain of Manchester City’s elite development team (EDS).

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