“Manchester United Over Arsenal As SON Fellow?” Tottenham Has Competitive Advantage in Recruitment of FW, Gambling Addiction… “President Levi’s Secret Advantage”

Tottenham plans to recruit Ivan Toney, who was disciplined for illegal betting as a substitute for Harry Kane. He even has the advantage of beating other competing teams.

England’s Team Talk reported on the 9th (Korea time), “Tottenham is expected to succeed with a secret advantage in the competition to recruit one of the best strikers in the English Premier League (EPL).”

Tottenham sent Harry Kane, who was in charge of the team’s front line, to Bayern Munich last summer, and was expected to significantly reduce the burden on the strikers. Fortunately, Kane was partially filled with Son Heung-min’s strong performance and Hishalisson’s awakening. However, Tottenham agonized over recruiting a striker in the transfer market as it still lacked the sharpness of the striker.

Dominic Solanke, Paulo Dybala, Seru Girashi, and many other great players were listed, but recruitment was not made in the transfer market this winter. In the end, ahead of the summer transfer market, Tottenham turned to Tony, who proved his skills in the EPL.

Brentford striker Tony is already one of the top front-line strikers in the EPL. He was already active last season with 20 goals and four assists in 33 league games. His only problem is his gambling career. Tony was suspended from football for eight months from February 2017 to January 2022 for breaking betting rules a whopping 126 times.

Tony, who has been disciplined since May 2023, returned to the ground only in January. He also showed off his unwavering skills by scoring goals in his return match against Nottingham Forest and the match against Tottenham. Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, and other players who need front-line strikers have considered recruiting Tony, and Tottenham has also expressed interest.

Team Talk said, “In the summer transfer market, Tony is likely to leave Brentford, and Brentford has no power to refuse if a significant offer comes in.”

“Tottenham has the money to invest in a front-line striker after sending Kane last summer. Manager Enze Postecoglou will prefer signing Tony proven in the EPL. There is also a secret advantage in competition. This is because Daniel Levy is used to working closely with Tony’s agency. The agency represents Ben Davies and Fraser Forster, who also helped Tottenham negotiate sending Joe Roden and Harry Winks,” he said, explaining that Tottenham’s already close relationship with Tony’s agency.

The issue at hand is the transfer fee. Although his contract with Brentford is only one year away from this season, Brentford is expected to earn a huge amount of transfer fee considering Tony’s performance. Some media also predicted that he would need more than 80 million pounds. 라바카지노

Team Talk said, “It remains to be seen whether Tottenham is willing to pay the transfer fee equivalent to the club record for Tony’s recruitment,” adding that the transfer fee could be an obstacle.

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