“My son, renew your contract quickly!”… Urges the disclosure of the legendary mother → Director’s response, “We must always respect our parents.”

The mother has spoken out to renew her son’s contract. Whose mother is this? She is the mother of Real Madrid’s legendary Tony Cross.

Cross is the world’s best midfielder. He continued his prowess at Real Madrid. Since moving to Real Madrid in 2014, he has played for 10 seasons until this season. He has scored 28 goals in 447 matches and has collected a total of 19 trophies including four wins in the UEFA Champions League.

Even Cross of the World could not beat the passage of time. Cross, 34, is losing ground in Real Madrid. Cross’s contract with Real Madrid ends this summer, but Real Madrid is reluctant to renew his contract. There is a movement to reorganize into a young team, and Cross and separation are expected.

Cross is connected to the English Premier League (EPL) Manchester United, and rumors of a transfer to Saudi Arabia have also emerged.

In this situation, Cross’s mother wants her son to stay in Real Madrid more. She appeared on a podcast and urged her to renew her contract publicly.

She said, “If he re-signs with Real Madrid, it will make the manager, teammates, and fans happy. My son is someone who should be happy, so I hope he makes a decision soon. The club decides what it wants to do, and we will accept it. I hope it will end the way I want it, the way he wants it.” 꽁머니지급

“Cross has no worries about injury. He will end his career as a top-quality player. I know re-signing is a difficult decision. But all I want is to see my son play well this season, take a break and start his final season with Real Madrid,” he said.

Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti responded. “You should always respect your parents. There is not much time to spend with your parents,” he said.

“I don’t know exactly about Cross and re-signing. This will be decided by the club in the right time and in the best way,” he explained.

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