New Year’s text from the head coach to the main players, there is a scenario of LG success in it

“I got a long text from the director. It motivated me a lot after reading it.”

As usual, the team used a scenario that leads to success this time. During 144 games, the team set the number to accumulate and distributed among players. For example, if a team’s target is 100 home runs and a team of 180 steals, each player will be divided into the number of homers and stolen bases. A player with excellent slugging capability will be assigned 20 and 30 home runs, while a player with good stolen bases will be assigned 30 and 40 steals.

Of course, not everything goes as planned. It is not every time that we succeeded. Still, a new face has been created that protects the back door in a clear sense of goal. The player that no one paid attention to was reborn as a Cinderella man. The team achieved the unified championship, which eased 29 years of resentment. This was the case with the team and players led by coach Yeom Kyung-yeop.

He set a new goal for the new year 2024. In an interview with reporters after the New Year’s Day celebration at Jamsil Stadium on the 5th, Yeom stressed the performance of key players. He expected Oh Ji-hwan and Kim Hyun-soo, whose number of home runs has decreased compared to the 2022 season, Park Dong-won, who judged that he still has some room to grow in batting, and Park Hae-min, who lies to stay around 0.290 in batting average, to take a leap forward.

“Jihwan will challenge me to hit .300 with 20 home runs. Hyun also aims to hit .320 with 90 RBIs. It is the job of coaches to make Dong-won hit .280 with 30 home runs or more, and Haemin hit .300 or more,” he said.

“What is important to us right now is development before development,” said Yeom, who set the 2024 season’s direction. “If existing players develop, I think that younger players will see senior players and naturally develop their skills.” It was the moment when he shouted “winnow” to win the title for the second consecutive year.

Before the interview, however, Yeom personally conveyed his goal to the main players. “I got a long text from the coach. After reading this, I got a lot of motivation,” captain Oh Ji-hwan said. “I will make a career high season this year.” Oh’s goal for the 2024 season, which was included in Yeom’s text message, was higher than the number that he delivered to reporters. This is a record that only two have achieved since 2000. It was a record that no shortstop in the 21st century has achieved.

Like life, baseball does not go your way. However, a player cannot achieve the desired result without a goal. “If you succeed at least five out of 10 games, you will succeed,” Yeom said.

In the 2023 season, LG succeeded in developing a new team of must-winners. I also found an answer through a twist called Shin Min-jae, who was always agonizing over his position at the second base. It is not just an outcome that I got. It is an outcome that I achieved through thorough consideration and planning. It was possible, not a reckless plan. As a result, the team won the title. 랭크카지노주소

The 2024 season is the same. If each player achieves half of the plans and goals, it will be a successful season. Although bullpen variables take a heavy toll due to injury, if only two out of four hitters explode as planned, the team will become a more powerful lineup. If team 767 scores in the 2023 season reach team 790 in the 2024 season, team 610 lost points in the 2023 season can achieve its goal even if team 630 lost points in the 2024 season.

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