No. 1 in batting for the seventh consecutive year… 4,367 hits in the U.S.-Japan career, and the legendary Ichiro goes to 100% in the U.S.-Japan Baseball Hall

Hiroki Kuroda (48), who has won 203 games in Japanese professional baseball and Major League Baseball, and former Chunichi Dragons coach Tanishige Motonobu (54), who has a reputation as the best catcher, were named at the Japanese Baseball Hall on the 18th.

Kuroda had 124 wins for 13 years as a member of the Hiroshima Carp, and 79 wins for seven seasons as a member of the New York Yankees and the Los Angeles Dodgers. Among the seven seasons in the Major League, he has had double-digit wins in five seasons.

He returned to Hiroshima in the winter of 2014, leaving behind a proposal to join a Major League club that earned over 10 million dollars per year. Given the club’s financial situation, he signed a contract with an annual salary of 400 million yen. He left the mound in 2016 after leading Hiroshima to its first championship in 25 years. His number 15, upon his retirement, was permanently removed.

Kuroda said, “It’s an honor. I think I was lucky to join Hiroshima. I threw every game desperately.” He garnered 79.4 percent of the vote.

Tanishige played for the Yokohama BayStars and the Chunichi Dragons for 27 years. He played in 3,021 games, the most in Japanese pro baseball, and had 2,108 hits. He led the Chunichi Dragons from 2014 to 2016, and he was a manager and player for two seasons from 2014 to 2015.

Japanese media focused on another legend while shedding light on the two legends. Ichiro Suzuki (51), a “hitting machine,” will come up as a candidate next year, predicting a unanimous offer.

So far, a total of seven players have been honored in the first year as candidates for the National Baseball Hall. Hideki Matsui (50) and Tomoaki Kanemoto (56) were the last candidates in 2018.

Five years after a player’s retirement, he or she becomes a candidate and maintains his or her eligibility for 15 years. Media officials (about 350 people) with more than 15 years of baseball experience must cast a ballot to win more than 75 percent of the vote.

The highest voter turnout so far was 97.3 percent recorded by right-hander Viktor Starukhin in 1960. He received 108 out of 111 votes. He is a Russian naturalized player who achieved “303 wins” in his career, with 83 shutouts. He recorded 42 wins in 1939 as a member of the Yomiuri Giants. Matsui received 336 votes and 91.3 percent of the 368 votes cast in 2018.

Ichiro is a superstar that does not require long explanations. He did so in the Orix Buffaloes in the Japanese professional baseball league, and he did so in the Major League.

Since 1994, in his third year in the pro baseball league, he has topped the list of hits for seven consecutive years and the most hits for five consecutive years. In his career in the Japanese professional baseball league, he has ranked first in hits for seven consecutive years

He played 951 games and recorded a batting average of .353, 1,278 hits, 199 steals, and 658 points.

He moved to the Seattle Mariners in 2001 and shook the Major League. In his first year, he topped the list of batting average (0.350), hits (242) and stolen bases (56) and received both the American League Rookie of the Year and the MVP award. He has surpassed 200 hits for 10 consecutive years since 2001, and hit 262 hits, a new major league record, in 2004. He hit a total of 3,089 hits in the Major League, making 4,367 hits overall from the U.S. daily. 라바카지노

Ichiro will be a Major League Hall of Fame candidate next year. He is likely to be unanimously inducted in the first year of his nomination.

Ichiro has a special presence even after retirement.

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